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Angel Funds Around The World

COREangels is a global community of hands-on angels, investing in early stage startups through local portfolio funds. Our funds invest in a portfolio selected by the angels from a pool of startups curated by the leaders.

Our angels are doing an incredible job of contributing to their local communities by, not only investing their money in the next generation of entrepreneurs, but also mentoring them, with their experience and network.

COREangel funds are co-investing cross borders, sharing good practices, tools and opportunities using one proven model that merges financial outcomes with angel involvement.

How it works

We bring The Best Startups to Investment Committees

The leaders of each fund use their field knowledge and shared data in the network to determine which startups have the most investment potential. You watch their pitches in the monthly investment committees and vote with other angels in your group to build a portfolio overtime.

We Ensure a great mentoring relationship with entrepreneurs

You can drive the success of the portfolio by mentoring each startup, having control and ownership of your portfolio and its value.
The leaders of your fund conduct due diligence, valuations, negotiations and reporting so you can enjoy the exciting side of angel investing.

You Enjoy The Entrepreneurial Journey While Making Money

You get to work with experienced angels in your group and unique entrepreneurs of startups in the portfolio. The leaders will facilitate the exits of successful startups.You receive profits with every successful exit. You have the option to seek to sell your shares on our secondary market.

Real angel experience

Our leaders source great early-stage startups for the investment committees of your fund where the startups pitch and you choose by voting as a group. Mentoring founders can be a surprising journey full of learnings. COREangels model gives you voting rights to drive the strategic decisions of your fund.

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Risk-managed portfolio

Every angel in our funds has made money. By diversifying the portfolio of each fund, we have made sure that none of our angels lose money. You will be able to join an angel fund of your choice at anytime since our model guarantees fairness to all members.
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Global investment opportunities

By investing in one of our funds, you become a member of COREangels. This membership gives you access to co-investment opportunities with other COREangels funds. COREangels has monthly training sessions about startups investments and community events for all members.
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Yearly, considering a period of 10 years of investment. One-time payment from your investment ticket.



On successful exits of the startups.

Management fee covers:


managing deal-flow

negotiation and contracting of startup

planning exit strategies

organizing investment committees and networking events

managing involvement between angels and startups

Additional expenses and fees associated with the costs of hiring consultants, travel expenses, outsourcing services may be paid by the fund.

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