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COREangels is a global brand of hands-on angels, investing in early stage startups through local portfolio funds. Our funds invest in a portfolio selected by the angels from a pool of startups curated by the leaders.

Our angels are doing an incredible job of contributing to their local communities by, not only investing their money in the next generation of entrepreneurs, but also mentoring them, with their experience and network.

COREangel funds are co-investing cross borders, sharing good practices, tools and opportunities using one proven model that merges financial outcomes with angel involvement.

How it works


The leaders of each fund use their field knowledge and shared data in the network to determine which startups have the most investment potential. You watch their pitches in the monthly investment committees and vote with other angels in your group to build a portfolio overtime.


You can drive the success of the portfolio by mentoring each startup, having control and ownership of your portfolio and its value.

The leaders of your fund conduct due diligence, valuations, negotiations and reporting so you can enjoy the exciting side of angel investing.


You get to work with experienced angels in your group and unique entrepreneurs of startups in the portfolio. The leaders will facilitate the exits of successful startups.
You receive profits with every successful exit.
You have the option to seek to sell your shares on our secondary market.


Networking is a cornerstone of our community. By becoming a part of COREangels, you gain access to a vast network of like-minded individuals who share your passion for investing in innovative startups. This networking not only expands your reach and visibility in the investment community but also opens doors to potential co-investments, partnerships, and valuable insights that can enhance your investment decisions.

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We prioritize the growth and development of our members through specialized trainings designed for angel investors. We understand that the world of investing is ever-evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is essential. That's why we offer workshops, and webinars led by industry experts and seasoned angel investors. Our trainings cover a wide range of topics, including due diligence, portfolio management, deal structuring, and emerging trends in various industries. By continuously improving your knowledge and skills, you can make informed investment decisions and maximize your returns.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Being part of our global community exposes you to a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. COREangels connects you with founders of invested startups, allowing you to learn from their experiences, challenges, and successes. Engaging with these entrepreneurs provides a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative power of innovation. Moreover, the diverse backgrounds, knowledge levels, and perspectives of our angel investors foster an environment of collaborative learning, where ideas are shared, debated, and refined. By engaging with this rich community, you gain invaluable insights and inspiration that fuel your own entrepreneurial spirit.

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Frequent asked questions

Can I invest in a startup if it is not approved in the investment committee?

You can choose to invest in that startup individually, if the founders accept your investment. Most of our pre-selected startups choose COREangels because of our global community and the smart money provided by a group of angel investors and the diversity of expertise in the group.

Who decides which startup I invest in after the pitch?

You and your fellow group members.

You vote: Yes, No or Maybe for each startup that comes to the investment committee. We have a 1-investor, 1-vote policy so regardless of your investment ticket size in the group, you will always have equal voting rights. The leaders count the votes and if the startup gets a majority Yes, the group invests in that startup.

How is an investment committee different from a pitch day/demo day?

A demo day is a day where usually more than 10 startups are invited. On big Demo days, you might have 60 founders pitching their ideas.

In an Investment Committee, you are going to see pitches of no more than 3 startups that have already passed a screening process and primary due diligence. Your fund leaders have already done the valuations and the deal is negotiated ahead of time.

What is an investment committee?

Once you join a COREangels fund, there are going to be recurring demo days or pitch sessions of each angel fund where investors of the group listen to 2 or 3 startups that are pre-selected by the fund leaders. You get to ask questions during and after each Investment Committee and vote.

How do I invest in COREangels?

Pick a COREangels Fund in your country or one that is closest to your mission in life. Here is a list of our funds around the world:

Make sure the minimum investment ticket and language requirements to join the fund of your choice are met. For instance, If you are based in a European country, speak English, and have a background in Artificial Intelligence, COREangels Big Data & AI might be a good match for you.

Connect with the leaders and angel investors of the fund that attracts you the most on LinkedIn and get an understanding of the group dynamics.

Once you have chosen an angel fund, apply via their webpage and a leader of the fund will followup with you to set up a call or meeting.