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COREangels Lisbon SA is a group of serial entrepreneurs and experienced angels, investing in seed and pre-seed startups connected to Portugal. Our business angels have a hands-on approach in mentoring our startups towards scalability and profitability. We have a professional leadership team and audited accounts.


Invested Startups

COREangels Lisbon Leadership

Rui Falcão

Managing Partner

Professional angel investor, developed an international community of angel groups comprising 150 angel investors from 10 countries.


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Our archangels

Giancarlo Bonsel

Pedro Coutinho

All Business Angels

Alexander Griekspoor

Aslam Jamal

Carlos Cardoso

Cristina Vaz Tomé

Didier Freitas Tulomba

Diogo Homem

Geesje Mosies

Giancarlo Bonsel

Gustavo Alves Garcia

Gustavo de Arriba

Isabel Faria

Jorge Neves

José Galamba

João Camarate

João Martins

João Paulo Diogo

João de Oliveira

Lanese Ogunkua

Mohamed ElGamal

Nick Dessens

Nuno Cavaco Henriques

Nuno Francisco

Olutoyosi Ogunkua

Paulo Bandeira

Paulo Marcelo

Pedro Coutinho

Pedro Fontes Falcão

Renato Braz

Ricardo Almeida

Rui Falcão

Sjoerd Keijser

Tânia Neves

Vivien Lai

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