Our energy comes from determined entrepreneurs and passionate angels. We work every day to provide a fulfilling experience to the ones who dare to innovate and the ones who dare to invest in innovation. This forges a close community conducted by tireless and thoughtful leaders and supported by our seasoned team.  We are all so different, but aligned to impact the early stage fuelled by local trust and diversity.


Global Community of Angel Investors

Co-creation of value with the entrepreneur in a shared adventure. No one else, from the initial investment stage, has this mission as clear as business angels. COREangels leverages it with its greatest purpose: the professionalization of angel investment.

Meet our Business Angels

We make angel investing professional and global,improving outcomes, while contributing andenjoying the journey.

The Founders & Management Team

COREangels funds are supported by a full time team of seasoned angel investors and professionals dedicated to creating the best experience for our community.

Cintia Mano


Fernando Andreolla


Ela Zohrevandi

Community Manager

Eufemia Scala

Management Analyst Intern

Gonçalo Carvalho

Marketing and Community Intern

Rui Falcão

President & Co-Founder

Pedro Bandeira


Klaus Ukens

VP Investor Cofounder

Leaders of COREangels Funds

COREangels funds are managed by professional fund leaders with extensive field knowledge and experience in angel investing, startups investment and entrepreneurship .

Maurizio Calcopietro


Lucas Oliveira


Guillermo Soto


Alejandro Soto


George Cargill


Yoshiyuki Oba


Nils Galdo


Urs Rothmayr


Rui Falcão


Francisco Dowsley


Fernando Rolim


Terry Huang

Health Equity and Mental Wellbeing

Gregor Hoffman

Health Equity and Mental Wellbeing

Jorge Martínez-Arroyo


Eduardo Flores


Maha Mandour


Federico Giannetti


Michele Morabito


Dr. David Griesbach

Big Data & AI

Pascal Stämpfli

Big Data & AI

Samira Courti

Big Data & AI

Ahmed Essam


Get in touch with us

Please, leave us a message! Our team replies to inquiries that are aligned with our goals within 7 working days.


What is COREangels?

COREangels is a network of people who are passionate about helping entrepreneurs launching innovative businesses by professionally investing as a business angel.

How do COREangels work?

COREangels has developed its own group investment model. All business angels in each group invest together in the portfolio. Business angels invest in a group managed by group leaders. Each group has its own investment thesis and autonomy in investing decisions. Group leaders are responsible for screening startups and taking them to the Investment Committee. New investments are approved democratically with the vote of the majority of business angels. Each business angel has 1 vote, regardless of the amount invested.

What is the relationship between the Head Office and each angel group?

COREangels is born glocal, sharing a global brand through vertical and geographical groups of business angels and promoting involvement and long-term commitment with the local ecosystem in each geography. Each angel group is an independent company. The group leaders are responsible for managing this company. COREangels Head Office has an important role in the development of each group, preparing and training new group leaders and defining and guaranteeing governance standards. COREangels supports the leaders in attracting investors, business flow, startup evaluation, besides the benefits of being part of an international network. COREangels also provides branding, website, setup support, administrative support, documentation support, meetings and activities planning support, marketing support, and tools support (CRM, screening, reporting, financial analysis).

What are the benefits of being affiliated with COREangels as a global network?

COREangels supports the growth of professional angel groups and offers individual investors a hurdle less experience, maximizing outcome and diversifying investment while creating the context for them to involve, to contribute, to foster innovation, to self-develop, to network and to enjoy the journey.
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