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We make angel investing professional and global, improving outcomes, while contributing and enjoying the journey.

We do it through Angel groups led by committed people who wish to make a difference and to whom support with investing expertise validated tools and proven processes.

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Our Manifesto

We love entrepreneurship. And we want to make the difference supporting and being part of the startup revolution as Business Angels. We are not venture capitalists. Our approach is closer and earlier, when you look for more than just money. Always on entrepreneur side, we are together to address markets, raise capital and achieve exits.

Yes, liquidity is important for everyone in the game, not just for the later investors. We work on that professionally, with seasoned team, proven methodologies and smart tools. And we are here to build something global, leveraging the local trust and diversity. We will reshape the angel industry.

Reshaping the business angel industry

Co-creation of value with the entrepreneur in a shared adventure. No one else, from the initial investment stage, has this mission as clear as business angels. COREangels leverages it with its greatest purpose: the professionalization of angel investment.

Rui Falcão and Pedro Bandeira attending WebSummit 2015 in Dublin


Founding founders

Rui Falcão, already investing individually and through groups as business angel, receives the entrepreneur Pedro Bandeira for a pitch. There’s a match, but for other project.


First Angel Group

The investment in Pedro’s startup doesn’t happen. Rui challenges Pedro for a bigger project: to build a business angel group managed professionally. REDangels is born.
Maurizio Calcopietro and Eduardo Migliorelli with Pedro and Rui launching COREangels Atlantic


Outcomes, awards and validation

50+ people from 11 different countries joins the project and make more than 20 investments. The management model is recognized. REDangels is awarded as the best investment vehicle in Portugal.


COREangels launch

The ambitious venture of building a global network of professional angel groups is started alongside the founding groups: Atlantic, Portugal, Impact and Madrid.
COREangels founding groups.


Reshaping Angel Investment

The network is operational. The founding groups are successfully recruiting business angels and investing in startups. More than 15 projects are already in COREangels portfolio.


International Growth

Several new COREangels groups will arise scaling to an international level the purpose of building a professional business angel network.

The Founders & Management Team

COREangels groups are supported by a full time team of seasoned Business Angels and professionals dedicated to enhance outcomes and experience for the whole network.


Founder & CEO
Pedro is an entrepreneur that is currently helping other entrepreneurs building their businesses. Business Angel, CEO at REDangels and COREangels and President of FNABA, the Portuguese Federation for BAs.


Founder & CIO
Rui is a serial entrepreneur of the earlier internet boom, he is currently a business and angel investor in over 20 startups in the IT and communications sector with several profitable and unprofitable exits.

Cintia Mano


Fernando Andreolla


Francisco Santos


Paulo Désirat


Sofia Désirat


Lead an Angel Group

Be one with the CORE! See what it takes to lead a professional business angel group and start making the difference.
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COREangels is the network of people who are passionate about helping entrepreneurs launching innovative businesses by investing as Business Angel Investors in a professional way.
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