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Angel Investment as a Professional Career

We make angel investing professional and global, improving outcomes, while contributing and enjoying the journey.
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Some individuals look into angel work as a hobby, expecting to have a good time, and this is not bad. Others view it as a great career path to change the world by supporting entrepreneurship. And here lies the great opportunity for you.


Love investing in startups?

Want to lead an angels’ group?

“It is stimulating to be part of the team which is working to build the largest global network of professional angel groups and, at the same time, lead locally an outstanding assembly of talented and committed investors.”
Guillermo Soto,
COREangels Madrid Leader
“Leading an Angel Group in a professional way unleashes the great potential a network of business angels has to support invested startups thrive. With COREangels we can perform better since we have support from setup, processes, best practices to strategic advise.”
COREangels ATLANTIC Leader

Join us if you are led by:


You feel the passion to be involved with startups and help them grow


You have an entrepreneurial spirit


You like to be involved with the entrepreneurial ecosystem


You have good negotiation and persuasion skills

Angel Group’s
Leadership Benefits


ContributE for the entrepreneurship


Networking with investors and founders

Evolve with the cutting edge of business


Lead an Angel Group

Do you have a strong network of trust who may like to invest in startups? Be one with the CORE! See what it takes to lead a professional business angel group and start making the difference.

COREangels Group Setup and Leadership Guide

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What are the basic roles of a group leader?

COREangels groups generally have two roles of leadership: startups' leader and investors' leader. The startups' leader searches for good opportunities of investment in startups, negotiates terms of investment and promotes the investment committees. The investors' leader is responsible for attracting and managing the relationship with the business angels. Both work to promote a great experience, guaranteeing the involvement of business angels with startups and supporting the portfolio. 

What does it take to lead a new group?

The startups' leader likes to be connected to the local ecosystem, enjoying talking to startups, taking part in related conferences and is motivated by contributing to entrepreneurship. 
The investors' leader is someone who has already invested in startups and is willing to support others in the journey of group angel investment. This means also listening to angels expectations and contributing to enhance their experience.

How much time does it take to prepare for the opening of a new group of angels?

We estimate 3 months as the maximum time to open a new group. We prepared a program in which the leader is guided through all the needed steps to set the group in this time.

Is there any specific training for new leaders?

Yes. Our program supports leaders from the planning of a group until its start. It is not exactly a course, but a set of assignments and deliverables that build the blocks for the group foundation. Once the group is started, many other contents and support will come, in different formats.

Do I need to have an investment thesis prepared?

One of the assignments is to plan an investment thesis. You don’t need to have it right now, but it is something that you will have to prepare in the very beginning. The investment thesis might change along the way, as you start to discuss your idea with COREangels Head Office, or with the actors of your local ecosystem.

What is the support provided by COREangels Head Office?

COREangels Head Office will provide support to its groups in several areas, namely:
• Administrative support
• Financial analysis support
• Reporting
• Attracting investors
• Business flow
• Startups evaluation
• Legal documentation preliminary analysis and, when necessary, specialized legal services
• Events organization, meetings and activities planning support.
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