Frequent asked questions: For Startups

Is COREangels an accelerator or incubator?

No. COREangels is a community of angels funds that provide capital and create relationships among angel investors and founders.

We invest in your company and support your business to achieve the next level. Each group has its investment thesis and a way to support the evolution of startups consistent with the industry and company stage. The main supports are in management, fundraising, mentoring, hiring, and sales. You will be part of a global community of angel investors and entrepreneurs.

I am a solo founder. What are my chances?

We usually invest in startups with two or three founders. We understand that only one founder or more than four founders can bring some extra risks. You can apply as a solo founder, but it’s essential to have a clear plan on what areas, who, and how you will bring more talent to the startup. To achieve success is vital to have an excellent team.

How large are the tickets?

In general, COREangels funds invest between €25,000 and €250,000. However, it is necessary to see the investment tickets for each fund. Tickets are adjusted according to the investment phase and according to the characteristics of the local ecosystem of each COREangels fund.

You can see the ticket sizes of each angel fund here:

Do I need to fundraise from other investors?

Usually, you can start your round with COREangels. If approved, COREangels also supports the process of finding new co-investors. However, the fact of already having inventors committed in the round is a well received. Some of our groups will pay great attention to having committed investors for the round.

What documents should I have to apply?

To apply is only mandatory the pitch deck. After receiving your application, the COREangels fund will ask for complementary documentation before the individual meeting. The complementary documentation can be the captable, financial information, business plan, and CVs.

I don't have a pitch deck. Can I still apply?

No. It’s mandatory to have a pitch deck to apply for COREangels funds.

The pitch deck is a short and efficient way to present your business. While the specific content may vary depending on your industry and business model, here are the typical sections you should consider including:

  • Problem Statement; 
  • Solution; 
  • Market Opportunity;
  • Business Model;
  • Go-to-Market Strategy;
  • Traction and Milestones; 
  • Team;
  • Financial Projections;
  • Funding Requirements;
  • Use of Funds;
  • Appendix

What is an Investment Committee?

The investment committee is the moment when you present your startup to all the angel investors of the selected fund. After the presentation they will decide if approve or not the investment deal. 

Typically, there are between 10 and 15 minutes of presentation, for between 20 and 30 minutes of questions and answers.

The central role of the Investment Committee for investors is to review and evaluate investment opportunities. The angel investors review pitch decks, financial information, business plans, and other relevant materials provided by startups seeking investment prior to presentation.

Angel investors evaluate opportunity potential based on a variety of criteria, including business model, market opportunity, team, product or service differentiation, competitive landscape, financial projections, and growth potential. It's essential to show off your secret sauce. The synergy between the startup and the COREangels Fund must be presented to the Investment Committee.

After the investment committee, the angel fund will respond whether or not to invest within a period of up to 10 days.

When should I start fundraising with COREangels?

We invest in the pre-seed and seed stages. If you are raising a round or need a co-investor for your round, you can apply for COREangels Funds.

When do you invest?

Not too early, not too late. We finance startups from the pre-seed to Seed stages. We don’t invest in later stages than series A. We invest in the validation and go-to-market phases.

I don’t want too many investors on my cap table. How do you deal with this?

We invest as Angel Fund, so if you receive an investment from a COREangels Fund, it will appear as only one entity in your captable. If a second fund invests in you, then you will have more than one entity in your captable.

Do you charge any commission/fees?

No, you don’t need to pay to receive the investment from a COREangels Group. In some Angel Funds, you can have some contracting expenses, for example, a lawyer, due diligence, or notary, but not addressed, for a COREangels Fund.

I like COREangels' global approach. If I apply to one group, can I apply to others?

Once invested by one fund, you will be exposed to be invested by other funds in COREangels. But yes, if you see fit between your moment and other COREangels Funds, you can apply for a second investment. We have many startups co-invested by multiple COREangels funds. Our invested startups use the power of our global community to expand to different geographies and markets.

Is COREangels the right investor for me?

We have angel funds for different industries and areas, but we are great at supporting the Pre-seed and Seed phases. Here, you will be invested by a group of people who want to give you the up to achieve your milestones. We are investing and supporting you in the very early stage and will make it possible with you to achieve the next level.

Can I apply for funding from multiple angel groups?

Yes, you can apply for more than one fund, but we highly recommend that you select the best two COREangel Funds for you. Great founders deserve the best investors.

What is your investment process?

We invest as an entity in your startup. The investment can happen in form of equity, convertible note, or SAFE. We can propose a term sheet or we can analyze the term sheet from committed co-investors.

How long does it take to receive the investment after receiving the approval from the Investment Committee?

The investment is made within 60 days.

How does the application process work?

  • Application by website
  • Feedback from the COREangels Fund by e-mail
  • Individual Meeting with Fund Leader.
  • Investment Committee
  • Contracting & Due diligence
  • Onboard in COREangels Community

How can I apply for COREangels funding?

The first step is to select the angel fund that fits your startup. You should take into consideration your area, industry, stage, and investment ticket.

Select your fund on

On this page, you will find the form to apply for funding. Each COREangels fund will have a different form. Usually, the forms are about basic information, verification questions, and a place to include the pitch deck URL.

What are you looking for in startups you invest in?

We are a glocal community. We have different angel funds acting local but sharing a global network.

We look for startups that want to be global or the market leader in their region. We expect an amazing, balanced, and promising founders team.

We invest in startups from pre-seed to seed.

Each of our Angel Funds has specific expertise and focus. For some groups, the Go-to-market is essential, for others can be the validation phase or the internationalization preparation phase. Check them out here:

What is COREangels added value?

COREangels funds are created by hands-on angel investors. First, our angel groups invest capital in your business, but we support way more. Each angel group has its investment thesis and a way to support the evolution of startups consistent with the industry and company stage.

Once one of our angel groups invest in oyur startup, you become part of a global community of angels and entrepreneurs. We are connecting entrepreneurs and investors from different parts of the world. We have an exclusive event agenda for founders of startups.

All startups have one or two Archangels. The archangel is an angel investor with a closer relationship with a particular startup, supporting its challenges. The archangel is a co-creator of value for the startup.

You can learn more about our angel funds and angel investors here: