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COREangels Big Data & AI Europe is a group of angel investors that invests in the most promising Big Data & AI startups in Switzerland and Europe. We combine business experience, angel involvement and a professional investment approach to build a successful portfolio.


Invested Startups

COREangels Big Data & AI Europe Leadership

Dr. David Griesbach

Managing Partner

Lean Startup expert, author of the Lean Innovation Guide, entrepreneur, 20+ years experience in management consulting

Pascal Stämpfli

Managing Partner

Entrepreneur providing CFO services for startups with 8+ years of experience in investment analysis and startup evaluation

Samira Courti

Managing Partner

Expert in strategic communication and business development with 15+ years of experience in finance, real estate and other industries.


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Our archangels

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Our Angel Investors

Fernando Ammann

Fred Schaerlig

Félix Fontenoy

Gernot Teufel

Gordian Gebhart

Hermann Richter-Koch

Mario Gugler

Matthias Teufel

Nadja Agreda

Philipp Masefield

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