A food enthusiast at heart, Isabel Faria is a Portuguese from Lisbon and has successfully combined her passion for food, strategy and finance throughout her career. With her first foray into finance and subsequent journey into strategy and the food industry, she developed a nuanced understanding of these domains. As an angel investor, she has utilized this knowledge to support startups in need of mentorship and financial backing.

Isabel's global travels have broadened her perspective, equipping her with an understanding of diverse cultures and helping her develop robust professional relationships. As a dedicated mother, she strives to make the world a better place for her daughter. This intent also mirrors her investment philosophy: contributing to purpose-driven startups that aim to make a positive societal impact.
Currently, she is focused on developing international markets as Director of International Markets for a large food company while also leading a Subproducts Business Unit and thus contributing to a more circular economy.
In the past recent years, she has contributed to non-profit food organizations like Refood and Banco Alimentar, in an effort to support initiatives in fighting food waste and food hunger.

Adaptation in the Food Industry
The food industry, according to Isabel, has undergone dramatic changes over the years. Factors like the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, geopolitical tensions, and supply chain disruptions have significantly impacted food production and agriculture. These changes necessitate dynamic, proactive solutions to address these ever-evolving challenges.
In her current projects, she continuously strives to search for innovation in the food area with an international focus on areas like Agrobiotechnology, Bioenergy, Farm Management Systems, Farm Robotics, Supply Chain, and Innovative Food Solutions.
She has been very active in identifying food and Agrifood startups with a mission to bring more sustainable and scalable solutions to feeding the world in a healthier way and with a lesser damaging impact on the environment.

A Deep Dive into Angel Investing
Intrigued by the prospects of angel investing, Isabel began her journey about a year ago. She saw an opportunity to blend her two passions: investing and management. Through angel investing, she found a platform that allowed her to use her management experience and financial acumen to support budding entrepreneurs. She views angel investing as a way to contribute to society, by fostering innovative ideas and helping them grow.

An Active Role with COREngels Lisbon
Isabel is an active member of COREangels Lisbon, a platform that enables business angels to support and invest in promising startups. Being a part of this global community allows Isabel to connect with like-minded individuals, share knowledge and experiences, and benefit from diverse areas of expertise. For some time, she was the only woman in the group bringing an important female vision essential in a diversified group as COREangels.
More recently she has been leading the Post Investment Board of COREangels Lisbon with a group of Archangels that aim to support the startups on their growth journey while co-creating value and helping the portfolio to grow.
She is also a member of the COREangels Lisbon Board that manages the organization and, like all others, is a “normal” angel investor with a vote in the investment committee that decides on new investments.

Investing in Startups: A Learning Curve
Despite her extensive investment experience, Isabel admits that angel investing was initially a daunting challenge. Startups employ a different language, filled with terms and metrics unfamiliar to many. However, with the guidance of COREangels Lisbon and her own determination to learn, she navigated this new venture effectively.

Exciting Portfolio and Future Investments
When asked about her most exciting investments, Isabel named BHOUT and Hotel Manager. She finds startups more relatable if they align with her personal interests. However, she also sees great value in the learning process involved when investing in unfamiliar sectors.
Looking ahead, Isabel believes that the agritech and food sector, intertwined with climate tech, will be critical areas for investment in 2023 and beyond. She underscores the importance of quick, scalable solutions to feed the world in a more sustainable way while tackling climate changes and disruptions in food production.

Angel Investing: More Than Just Finances
In wrapping up, Isabel emphasizes that angel investing is not solely about financial returns. The learning journey, the potential to contribute to a greater purpose, the ability to support the next generation of entrepreneurs, and community building are valuable aspects of angel investing.
She also highlights the need for a diversified group of investors, acknowledging the importance of different perspectives in the business world. As she puts it, angel investing is about making a significant contribution to future generations, fulfilling an obligation to mentor, guide, and invest in promising ideas.
Isabel Faria's journey showcases a fascinating blend of passion, experience, and mission-driven investment philosophy. Her story offers valuable insights to both budding investors and entrepreneurs navigating the complex yet rewarding world of startups and angel investing.