João in a few words

João Camarate is 39, married, has 3 kids and is an experienced entrepreneur that uses part of his time to support startups, mainly in the enterprise software area. Being part of COREangels Lisbon, he is an important element in this diversified group, contributing to discussions in an insightful and positive way.
Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, João started his first business at the age of 19 and from then developed different ventures. Within other projects, João created a cybercafé, inspired by “The 4-hour workweek” book, sold networking training online as his first online business, sold DVDs and developed a contact centre with around 50 operators.
As the most successful business, João developed GoContact, which grew significantly in an organic way without raising money, giving him an interesting partial exit. In his daily job, João is CTO and shareholder of the company that bough his company, permitting him to say that, in fact, his business continues to grow in a new and even more scalable way.
As an entrepreneur, João also face difficult periods, with the most difficult being the global financial crisis of 2012 that reduced sales significantly and made him close the contact center. As a next step, option was to relaunch and develop a new project based in technology, data collection and presentation for contact centers that he was developing in an innovative way and that became a success supporting contact centers.

Passion for understanding how things work
João's journey into the world of entrepreneurship and investment is driven by his insatiable passion for understanding how things work, particularly in the realm of business management. He considers business management to be the core of his fascination, viewing engineering as a sub-branch within this broader domain.
This curiosity and zeal led him to venture into mentoring startups, initially in Portuguese incubators like Demium and Startup Lisboa. His motivation behind mentoring was twofold: to gain deeper insights into the intricacies of business and to contribute his knowledge and experience to support entrepreneurs.

Transition into Angel Investment
When João and his team successfully exited their previous business, it marked a turning point in his journey. With experience in mentoring and supporting startups and with newfound capital at his disposal, he naturally transitioned into angel investing. Recognizing the potential of some of these startups and seeing the opportunity to become an early-stage investor or angel investor, begun to invest in startups he had previously mentored and that seem to be promising ventures. More than only money, likes to engage and contribute to startup evolution, growth, and success.

Joining COREAngels for Collective Impact
João's path led him to COREangels, where he found a community of like-minded investors who shared his enthusiasm for actively participating in startup investments. While he had initially pursued individual investments, he was drawn to the idea of being part of a group with collective insights and expertise. COREangels Lisbon offered a unique blend of shared decision-making, analysis, and investment, providing an opportunity for João to learn from other seasoned entrepreneurs. The collaborative nature of the group aligned with his desire to balance his individualistic investment strategy with a more collective approach.
João highlights the power of group dynamics and the benefits of being part of a group like COREangels Lisbon, emphasizing its flexibility. Investors can choose to be actively engaged when they have time and expertise to offer or take a more passive role when necessary. The various roles within the group, such as Archangels and investment committees, allow investors to tailor their involvement according to their capabilities and availability. This flexibility ensures that every member can contribute effectively to the group's success.
For João, the return on his investment in COREAngels goes beyond financial gains. While he certainly hopes for profitable outcomes, his primary focus is on the connections and experiences he gains through his involvement. Engaging with other investors has opened doors to collaborations and partnerships. He appreciates the cultural diversity and age range among the investors, as it offers fresh perspectives and keeps him mentally agile.

Guidance for Aspiring Angel Investors
João's advice for aspiring angel investors is to invest in areas where they possess strengths and can add value beyond capital. He encourages investors to align their investments with their knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, he suggests that angel investors should consider their investments as vehicles to support new ventures and entrepreneurs. This support extends beyond financial backing to active engagement, mentoring, and sharing experiences.

Sector Preferences and Technology Trends
As an angel investor, João prefers enterprise software investments, given his extensive experience in the field. He echoes the wisdom of legendary investors like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch, emphasizing the importance of investing in what one understands.
While he acknowledges technology trends, he approaches them with caution, distinguishing between genuine investments and speculative ventures. João expresses optimism about the potential of AI, particularly generative AI, and advises those interested in trends to consider this burgeoning field for investment opportunities.
João's journey as an angel investor and his involvement with COREAngels reflects a commitment to adding value beyond capital, embracing group dynamics, and staying aligned with his passion for understanding the intricate workings of businesses and technologies.