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COREangels knowledge is the sum of our founders, partners and angel groups leaders.






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Why COREangels


Exits optimisation since day 1, besides liquidity alternatives during the journey.


We are a pro team of seasoned Business Angels, full time. You can expect a professional approach.


Investment committees, recurrent reporting, structured mentorship, events with invested startups. A true business angel experience.


We offer our names, faces, track record. And we invest our own money with you.

Find the right investment thesis for you


Big Data & AI

COREangels Big Data & AI is a network of handpicked investors that actively scouts and invests in the most promising Big Data & AI startups in Europe.



COREangels Climate is the first vertical angel fund in Italy dedicated to investing in Climate Tech start-ups. The vehicle has already gathered investments from numerous entrepreneurs, managers and family offices, both Italian and foreign.



COREangels EnterpriseTech is a group of experienced angels investing in EnterpriseTech startups in Europe and the US. First Total Experience fund in the Market.



Invertimos en startups españolas en etapas iniciales (pre-seed & seed). Buscamos equipos de emprendedores con proyectos innovadores, altamente escalables, que hayan encontrado product-market-fit.



International fund in Lisbon supporting seed and pre-seed startups.



“We enjoy boosting ideas”. We support and fund the growth of European startups in early stages focusing in attractive markets and managed by solid and committed teams.



Angel fund focused on building a sustainable educational journey by investing in early-stage startups mainly in LATAM and Europe.



COREangels Pacific focuses on Startups between the Family & Friends and early VC’s stages, seizing the opportunities and synergies in the Ring of Fire area.



“Investir em startups brasileiras na Europa”. An Investment thesis focused on Luso-Brazilian synergy, to companies with business models already established in Brazil that intend to grow into Europe.


Health Equity and Mental Wellbeing

Dedicated to improving mental health, quality of life, and health equity.

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Why this is for you

Angel Investment is undoubtedly the most appropriate for the ones that expect to get more than money.





Possibility of very high return and flexible ticket size
Involvement with startup team
Entrepreneurial ecosystem involvement: learning, connections and experience
No involvement. Investment in later stage startups.
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What is a business angel investor?

A business angel is an individual who provides financial and knowledge backing for small startups and entrepreneurs, typically in exchange for ownership equity in the company. Business angels could be known as angel investors.Business angel investors are widely recognized as the main contributors to innovation financing as they give fuel to entrepreneurial startups, providing “smart money” to fulfill their potential. Startups are the primary job-creating engine of the economy, provoking strong local impact, fixing and promoting new talent, improving people’s lives, and adding strong value to society.Although other types of investors exist, business angel investors have assumed a special role in entrepreneurship since they invest in very early-stage startups where high-risk investment profiles are required. Angels distinguish themselves from other investors as they invest their own money, not the money of others, like venture capital funds.They are involved with the startups they invest in with the purpose to add value, share their expertise and entrepreneurial empathy. Angels usually see themselves as co-creators and co-founders of the startups. In their essence, the purpose of angel investing is value co-creation.

How do I become a COREangel investor?

To be a COREangels investor you need to join a COREangels Group. In COREangels, you can find groups with different investment theses. You can peek at them on our website. Go to the Investment Options page and select the angel group which thesis fits your profile. The group leader will contact you to find out if there is a fit. If it happens, it will be nice to welcome you!

Do I have to be an accredited investor to join COREangels?

Yes, the members need to be accredited to join COREangels.

How does COREangels select the invested startups?

Each angel group has its own deal-flow and investment committee to decide which startups to invest. The group leader manages the applicant startups and selects the best for the investment committee.

What is the expected duration and return for the angel investment?

Angel investment is a long-term investment. The return on a startup investment can come in a few months or several years. The average return on investment in a startup is 7 years. A group's life cycle should take place over 10 years.

How should I decide the best group fit? 

There are groups with geographical or vertical investment theses. You can select the geographic thesis that adapts to your location or the vertical thesis that adapts to your skills and interests. Go to the Angels Groups page and get to know the investment theses.

Can I mentor invested startups?

Yes. All Business Angels can mentor invested startups. Each startup has an Archangel. The archangel is a business angel who has a close relationship with a particular startup of the portfolio and helps them with their challenges.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

Each Angel Group has its own investment policy. The initial investment indicated is between 15.000 to 50.000 Euros.

Can I attend a COREangels meeting as a guest?

Yes. First, select a Group of Angels that the thesis fits your profile. Click on "Join us". The group leader will contact you to provide more information and invite you to the next meeting of the angels' group.
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