Hey there, fellow climate warriors! We've got some fantastic news to share with you about a major milestone achieved by one of our COREangels Climate portfolio startups – WSENSE. This partnership is a game-changer in the world of underwater wireless communication and monitoring systems. So, let's dive right in and chat about why this collaboration between WSENSE and Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) is a big deal for us.

WSENSE and ASN – Making Waves Together

WSENSE, the experts in subsea monitoring, and ASN, the big shots in submarine networking, have joined forces to explore the exciting possibilities of merging their skills. What's the goal? To create an underwater wireless network that can monitor stuff like noise levels, water quality, and seismic activity in real-time.
Real-World Impact, Anyone?
Hold onto your snorkels because the impact of this partnership is enormous! Here are some ways this tech could rock our world:
  1. Disaster Predictions and Early Warnings: Picture this – a network that can predict disasters and send early warnings! By combining WSENSE's aquatic wireless tech with ASN's submarine cable assets, we can monitor seismic activity and environmental changes in real-time. This means better disaster predictions and quicker responses when nature gets feisty.
  2. Surveillance and Coastal Security: Think of it as an underwater security camera. This network could revolutionize surveillance and naval operations. It can help monitor maritime traffic, track underwater vessels, and keep our coastlines safe and sound.
  3. Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT):
  4. WSENSE is all about the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT). Imagine a world where underwater devices and sensors can chat like old pals! This partnership could make that happen, giving us more insights into underwater ecosystems and helping us explore the deep blue sea like never before.

Diving into the Tech

You know what's a massive challenge in underwater communication? Electromagnetic signals don't play nice with water. That's where WSENSE comes in. They've cooked up something they like to call 'underwater Wi-Fi.' This tech uses acoustic and wireless optical tricks to talk underwater. Best part? It's super eco-friendly and perfect for real-time IoT sensors.

The deployment of Wsense sensors at sea in Norway. © la Repubblica

COREangels Climate's Role

We couldn't be prouder to have WSENSE as part of our startup family. This partnership shows the kind of innovative and impactful companies we love to support. COREangels Climate is all about investing in early-stage climate tech startups that can make a real difference while giving our investors a sweet return.

Looking Ahead

As COREangels Climate grows and expands, we're super pumped about more groundbreaking collabs like this one. Our mission is to help startups in our portfolio score more investment and grow faster. We're dreaming big – a world where COREangels Climate takes center stage in advancing climate tech, not just in Southern Europe but across the globe.

In a Shell(nut)

The WSENSE and ASN partnership is a monumental moment in underwater tech. It's a reminder of why we do what we do – to support startups like WSENSE that are leading the charge in climate tech innovation. COREangels Climate is here to cheer them on and make a greener, more sustainable world a reality.
Stay tuned for more updates on the incredible ventures in the COREangels Climate portfolio as we sail towards a brighter, cleaner future! 🌊💚

Source: Totaltele

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