Forbes Portugal, COREangels and A Paradigm Shift in Startup Investing

Hey there, fellow angel investors! COREangels International just got featured in Forbes Portugal, and we are excited and proud! This spotlight isn't just a pat on the back— it's a recognition of our dedication to innovation and forward-thinking leadership, led by our incredible CEO, Cíntia Mano.

Cintia Mano CEO of COREangels © Forbes Portugal

COREangels International isn't your average angel investor network. Our unique portfolio model is the reason behind a united community of angel investors and entrepreneurs from 20+ countries. Picture this: angel investors coming together, pooling their capital and resources, and amplifying the potential of early starge companies. It's not just about writing a check; it's about creating a supportive ecosystem where startups can thrive and grow.

Our core business is investing in startups through the portfolio model, meaning all angels who are part of a specific COREangels fund invest in the same set of startups. - Cintia Mano, CEO of COREangels.

We're not ones to think small. With angel funds across continents, COREangels International is making angel investing accessible on a global scale. Whether we're reinforcing our presence in existing markets or venturing into new territories, our goal remains the same: to unlock opportunities for growth and impact wherever we go. And let's talk about our investments in climate tech and AI—talk about game-changers! These sectors have the power to transform industries and change lives, and we're proud to be at the forefront of it all.

Cintia Mano giving a glimpse of COREangels global community at the Canopy Community reverse pitch

In the investment world, hype sometimes overshadows real opportunities, and this is where the role of our fund leaders is more crucial than ever. Take our climate and AI-focused funds, for example. In these angel funds, the fund leaders are constantly cutting through the noise to identify startups with genuine potential for both growth and impact. Their expertise and insights are invaluable, guiding the investment opportunities and strategies for all angel investors in the group.

Our model has attracted interest from some investors who now want to create a COREangels fund to support startups in their countries. These new funds are planned and discussed during an acceleration program we created, the Angel Fund Launchpad, where the COREangels International team and new leaders work together to validate the investment thesis and structure the new fund

As Forbes Portugal shines a spotlight on COREangels, we're more motivated than ever to keep pushing forward. This recognition isn't just a milestone; it's a reminder of our commitment to innovation, growth, and positive change. So here's to the future—to shaping the next chapter of entrepreneurship and investment, one bold move at a time.