MADBLUE: Where Innovation, Culture, and Science Meet for Sustainable Development

MADBLUE is one of the most significant international events in innovation, culture, and science toward sustainable development. Held every spring in Madrid, coinciding with Earth Week, the festival brings together a diverse range of activities including cultural activities from concerts to art exhibitions, insightful conferences and inspiring startup showcases.

MADBLUE is guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, with a strong focus on citizenship: the festival and its organizers aim to raise awareness about the causes and impacts of climate change through education and learning, hoping to raise citizen engagement related to the festivals´ central cause: generating positive impacts that shape the environment/social landscape.


One of the most prominent figures in MADBLUE is Miguel de Ros. The COREangels Climate angel investor is also one of the Co-Founders of MadBlue Marine, a project close to the aforementioned organizations' heart. MadBlue Marine focus on the decarbonization of maritime transport, through the development of green hydrogen solutions for maritime industry. Miguel also oversees Sustainable Practices and Impact Investment for every MADBLUE Summit.

We at COREangels are delighted to announce that Federico Giannetti, founder of COREangels Climate, will be attending and speaking at this year's MADBLUE Festival, joining other renowned speakers for the “Financing the Future: Investments, Sustainability and Impact” panel. With his expertise in climate change mitigation and sustainability, Federico will share his insights and perspectives on the importance of investing in impactful startups and the role of innovation in addressing environmental challenges.

(left) Borja Marinas, CEO at Patio Campus and Federico Giannetti, Leader of COREangels Climate during the "Financing the Future" talk at MadBlue Summit. © MADBLUE

COREangels Climate is a pioneering climate tech angel group in southern Europe's VC and Angel Investing landscape. Comprised of a group of angel investors deeply committed to combatting climate change, this group focuses on identifying and funding early-stage startups that champion sustainability across various sectors. Beyond financial support, COREangels Climate offers invaluable expertise, fostering a supportive ecosystem for visionary entrepreneurs.