Rising Stars of European Angel Networks

COREangels recently made headlines by securing a coveted spot on Sifted's list of the "Top 10 Most Active BA Groups in Europe." This recognition places COREangels among the elite angel networks in Europe, alongside other notable groups such as Ventures Together, SFC Capital, and Super Capital. But what sets COREangels apart and makes it a rising star in the world of angel investing?

The Power of Angel Portfolio Funds

Solo angel investors have long been a driving force behind early-stage startups. However, there's a growing recognition that collective investment can bring even more value to the table. Enter angel networks, where groups of investors pool their resources and expertise to support emerging businesses. COREangels is at the forefront of this movement, demonstrating the incredible potential of these collaborative networks.

Main Characteristics of Angel funds: Capital Pooling, Diversification, Collective Decision, Active Involvement and Exit Strategy

A Global Community of Angel Investors

COREangels is not your typical angel network. It's a global community of angel funds, and this distinction sets it apart. With multiple funds spanning Europe, Latin America, Brazil, Chile, North America, the Middle East, and Africa, COREangels uses the collective strength and expertise of its members from around the world to make informed investment decisions.
This approach offers several key advantages:
1. Global Insights
With a presence in multiple regions, COREangels gains access to diverse global insights. This global perspective leads to more comprehensive due diligence, a broader investment portfolio, and a deeper understanding of international market trends.
2. Risk Mitigation
Startup investing is inherently risky, but COREangels' global reach provides a unique advantage. By spreading investments across a range of startups in different regions, COREangels mitigates risk for its members on a global scale.
3. Worldwide Knowledge Sharing
COREangels fosters a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing, not just within individual regions but across the globe. Members are encouraged to contribute their unique regional insights to the collective, accelerating growth and innovation on a global scale.

Igniting Collaborative Processes

Collaboration within COREangels transcends geographical boundaries. The global community has implemented processes and ignitors to promote interaction among its global members. These processes generate a steady flow of international investment opportunities, attract new angels and startups worldwide, and contribute to the global growth of the diverse community.

Location Is No Barrier to Success

COREangels' remarkable success story demonstrates that physical location is no longer a barrier to thriving in the world of startup investment. While many of the top angel networks are based in major capitals, COREangels was born in Ílhavo, Portugal, a city not typically associated with startup investment. This underscores a crucial lesson: in today's interconnected world, a network's ability to connect and collaborate globally matters more than its location.

A Community Effort Across Continents

COREangels' success is not solely attributed to its global structure but also to the dedication of its angel leaders, ignitors, and ecosystem partners spanning Latin America, Brazil, Chile, North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The network thrives because of the combined efforts of individuals worldwide who share a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation.

COREangels' Blueprint for the Global Future

COREangels' journey from a Portuguese city to the forefront of global angel investing shows the power of global collaboration and the potential for angel networks to shape the future of entrepreneurship on a worldwide scale. It's an inspiring story for anyone looking to invest in startups, support innovation, and be part of a global community that thrives on shared knowledge and collective action.