We know we are in the Web3 era, and slowly everyone is hopping on this train. Web3 has as its goals empowering creators and users, is decentralized, users own their data, and it is impossible to corrupt because it functions in blockchain technology and it is possible to acquire NTFS with cryptocurrency, and exchange it for different tokens or sell for money. - You can read more about it in our previous blog-

But what does Web3 represent for artists, musicians and creators?

Some artists have created platforms to empower artists and offer a space where they can sell and trade artwork and music as NFTs under blockchain technologies.

John Legend, for example, has launched OurSong. A social commerce platform where artists and creators can upload their creations and turn them into NFTs. In this platform, NFTs are called Vibes. Artists on this platform get support and recognition from their fans' community.

Another case is Aokiverse, funded by Steve Aoki. The difference, in this case, is that the musician created his metaverse in which his fans can be part of the community buying NFTs, giving people different access to rewards. Of course, we are pretty sure Steve Aoki did not have any issues surviving as a creator before WEB3 but he admitted he made more money selling NFTS than he did in the last ten years making music.

NAPSTER, a music streaming application that used to work based on peer to peer file sharing platform, was bought by Algorand, a blockchain company and Hivemind, a Web3 company. Now Napster is calling music makers and right holders to jump into the music Web3 revolution.

Then we have OpenSea, in this NFT platform where users create a domain and organize their space as they please. It allows creators to upload their non-fungible tokens, and sell them to collectors. And collectors to re-sell their NFTs to other collectors.

With WebSummit approaching we are very excited to listen to great humans passionate about their field and pick our brains with new and innovative ideas, as well as help us understand what's coming next!

And as you all can imagine we are more than excited to listen to many talks about Web3 and the creative arts. 

Stay tuned to explore next week with us the most exciting talks happening in the WebSummit 2022!