Change is good, and the world wide web can't stop giving us a taste of it.


In the '90s the internet came along and little did we know it was going to change our lives as we knew it. 

In its beginning, the internet was basically just web pages where we could read information, meaning, users had no participation in it. This is known as WEB1. 

Then WEB2 knocked on our doors. Now, users can participate on the internet: write blogs, upload pictures, create websites, social media accounts, and so on. But their data is stored by these big platforms and the users have no control of their data. And if these platforms decide to delete everything, the user loses everything.

We scream into the sky "well all of our information is out there anyway" while we click on accept terms and conditions. The truth is that big corporations are storing our data and information. There is a monopolization on the internet and users have no ownership.


That is why we think WEB3 is revolutionizing the internet. The end goal of WEB3 is to decentralize the internet and give power and ownership back to users. 

The main thing about the way WEB3 works is the way it stores data. We are used to big platforms storing our data and managing it, that is what happens nowadays, we don't own our own information. These platforms are the rightful owners of our data and can do with it as they please. On WEB3 the main idea is that the users own their data and this data is stored in blockchains that cannot be corrupted, first because it is stored in different networks, and second because you cannot go back to a blockchain once it has been created. Each user has a "key" that allows them to own their data. 

Blockchain functions on transparency, meaning all this data is available for the users. As a user on a WEB3 platform, you can acquire non-fungible tokens, depending on your activities on that platform. Yes, these are the famous NFTs. 

We are starting to see Web3 as a reality, and that is why Angel Investors at COREangels got their eye on this sector, they know the future is heading this way and we should embrace this change and hold on for a better internet fairer for all its users.