In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, securing funding for your startup can be a daunting task. Understanding the mechanisms of angel funding is crucial for founders seeking financial support and for investors looking to make informed decisions.
In the latest episode of Investor Circle, Stewart Noakes, the leader of the Canopy Community, sits down with Rui Falcao, Co-founder and board member of COREangels, to unravel the mysteries of angel funding.

Peeling Back the Layers of Angel Funding

Stewart and Rui talk about the operational side of angel funds and their role in startup investments. Rui Falcao, representing COREangels, provides valuable insights into angel group's unique selection process at COREangels, emphasizing the importance of the Archangel role in an angel group.

COREangels community operates around one single model, even though each angel fund is unique and different.

Collective Intellect and Decision-Making Process

Rui Falcao shares how COREangels nurtures a collective intellect within the investment committee. This strategy helps prevent personality clashes and ensures that decisions are made with a holistic view. The angel funds process becomes a collaborative effort, drawing from the diverse expertise and perspectives of the committee members. It's a recipe for successful and harmonious investments.

The Tale of a COREangels Godfather

The interview takes an intriguing turn as Rui Falcao shares his captivating entrepreneurial journey as of one of COREangels' Godfathers. This journey is rich with lessons and experiences that have shaped his understanding of entrepreneurship. It serves as a testament to the wealth of knowledge and mentorship that angel investors can provide beyond financial support.

Web Summit's Impact on Portugal's Entrepreneurial Culture

The conversation also touches upon the transformative impact of the Web Summit on Portugal's entrepreneurial culture. Rui Falcao highlights how this international event has stirred up innovation and enthusiasm in meaningful ways, making Portugal an increasingly vibrant hub for startups and investors alike.

Empowering First-Time Founders

As the episode draws to a close, the focus shifts to first-time founders. Rui Falcao emphasizes the importance of creating personal meaning in your entrepreneurial journey. His insights offer valuable guidance for both entrepreneurs and investors, encouraging them to approach their ventures with purpose and passion.

COREangels Community

COREangels is not just an investment platform; it's a community of passionate individuals dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Our unique selection process and collaborative decision-making approach set us apart in the world of angel funding. We believe in the power of collective intellect and the significance of personality fit in making successful investments.

COREangels Lisbon

COREangels Lisbon, under the leadership of Rui Falcao and Paulo Marcelo, is at the forefront of driving entrepreneurship in Portugal. With a focus on nurturing startups and providing them with the support they need to thrive, COREangels Lisbon is a vital part of the country's entrepreneurial ecosystem. As Portugal continues to grow as a hub for innovation, COREangels Lisbon is there to help shape its future.

Our energy comes from determined entrepreneurs and passionate angels, channeling unwavering dedication into an impactful and fulfilling angel experience. This forges a close community conducted by tireless and thoughtful leaders, united in the pursuit of transformative innovation. Our seasoned team employs proven methods and advanced tools, driven by a global mission and fuelled by local trust and diversity. Cintia Mano, CEO of COREangels

As COREangels continues to empower startups and foster innovation, its impact on the entrepreneurial landscape is undeniable. COREangels and COREangels Lisbon are shining examples of how the world of angel funding can contribute to the growth and success of startups and the entrepreneurial community at large.

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