Are you as excited as we are for Web Summit 2022?

We know you are! And maybe you are a bit overwhelmed as well. And that is okay! There will be so much going on, and no one wants to miss a thing.

Either if this is your first time going to the Web Summit or not. Don't worry! We've got your back!

This is not our first rodeo, so we will tell you a few tricks and tips, so you make the most of Web Summit 2022!

First point: Networking

One of the great things about the event is all the networking opportunities it generates.

On one hand, you can catch up with some people, investors, and entrepreneurs you know from the past, and on the other hand, you get the chance to make new connections!

Try to generate more contacts by keeping the conversations short and sweet. And don't forget to exchange contact information. Either business cards, LinkedIn profiles, scanning web summit badges or even through the web summit App!

There will be a designated room for investors called "The investors' Lounge". In the investor's lounge, you can meet other fellow investors or invite entrepreneurs for a chat. A big plus of the investors' lounge is the free drinks and finger food.  

Another thing to consider is the investors-to-investors meetings, web summit will organise them for you, and it is a relaxing way to meet other investors.

And last but not least about networking. The Night Summit and side events are a great way to connect with people. Usually, these events are smaller and it is easier to get in touch with people because everyone is more relaxed. The nature of these events is more informal. And as we always say: after 5 pm is the best time to meet new people.

Second point: Partnering 

Web Summit is a great opportunity to start a relationship with people working with startups in your investment thesis. It is also a great chance to create partnerships with other angel investors and invite them to your fund. As an angel investor, you can start a partnership offering by speaking about your work as an angel investor.

Now, a very important thing to do is agreeing on the next steps with your new connections. If you want to create successful partnerships you have to take initiative and organise a meeting with them for the future.

Don't be shy, if you want to create these connections, you have to take initiative!

Third Point: Brand awareness 

I am sure that one of your main goals going to Web Summit is the growth and expansion of your brand. Then if you want people to know about you and your brand: Be Visible! Walk around, mention your brand to the people you meet. And once again, don’t be shy! We all are on the same boat!

These are our recommendations for you! Try to plan and add to your schedule the talks and the workshops you don’t want to miss, as well as meeting with interesting attendees. And do not forget to leave time to explore naturally and enjoy the event. You never know what you can discover from simply walking around!

Have a very happy and successful Web Summit 2022!


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