Uelz Pay, the Valencia-based startup, has secured a remarkable €800k funding round and triumphed at South Summit 2023, marking a significant leap forward. This exciting development not only underscores Uelz Pay's rapid ascent but also highlights COREangels Barcelona's commitment to driving innovation within Spain's startup ecosystem.
Under the leadership of CEO and Co-Founder Maria Luke, Uelz Pay has emerged as a frontrunner, redefining the landscape of business payments. Their innovative platform, designed to streamline collections for companies with recurring revenues, has garnered widespread praise from investors and industry experts, culminating in their victory at the prestigious entrepreneurial event, South Summit 2023.
The recent funding surge attracted a notable consortium of backers, including Angels Capital, TheVentureCity, Wayra from Telefónica's open innovation initiative, COREangels Barcelona, Ivan Peña’s Uhaldia investments, and influential fintech business angels like David Lozano WealthReader and Alex Saiz from Monei.
Uelz Pay's platform offers a comprehensive suite, enabling companies to automate diverse recurring payment flows across multiple payment gateways and methods. Empowering businesses with flexible payment modes, frequencies, seamless API integration, and distribution via email, WhatsApp, and social media, the platform revolutionizes traditional billing methods.
Furthermore, the platform's robust tracking of payments, generation of insightful metrics, and provision of crucial sales data empower businesses with decision-making capabilities crucial for thriving in rapidly evolving markets. Its stringent security protocols and error recovery mechanisms significantly reduce standard error rates, ensuring a reliable and efficient payment ecosystem.
COREangels Barcelona's investment in Uelz Pay reflects their dedication to driving innovation and supporting early-stage Spanish startups with exceptional potential. Led by Urs Rothmayr, an influential figure renowned for his commitment, COREangels Barcelona distinguishes itself by championing unique business models and disruptive ideas.
Urs Rothmayr's hands-on approach guarantees that startups in their portfolio receive not just financial backing but also invaluable mentorship and guidance pivotal for their success. As Uelz Pay continues its trailblazing journey in revolutionizing business payments, COREangels Barcelona reaffirms its commitment to supporting visionary entrepreneurs across Spain.
In essence, this partnership embodies the pursuit of growth through innovation and emphasizes the significance of strategic investments in pioneering ventures like Uelz Pay, paving the way for the future of finance and technology in Spain's startup landscape.

Source: StartupRise