TripYeah, the Chilean start-up (founded by Elias Musalem, Fernando Ordonez and Miguel Antonio Rodriguez Santander), part of COREangels' Pacific portfolio (Led by George Cargill, Yoshiyuki Oba and Nils Galdo) closed its seed round for 1,1 Million USD. 

TripYeah is a Chilean start-up that optimizes travel itineraries with artificial technology and optimization algorithms. And it is the first one in the world to do this. 

This exciting start-up is doing business in Latin America and Spain. With this seed round investment, they are looking forward to expanding to The United States and Canada!

COREangels' Pacific is an Angel Fund based in Santiago de Chile, composed of successful entrepreneurs in Latam and Asia Pacific. This fund is actively committed to scaling early-stage startups through professionally investing in the Pacific "Ring of Fire" area.

Mentoring has an important role in the start-up's success, and we will always be delighted to see how our model is helping both angel investors and their funds and start-ups and their founders. 

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