At Web Summit, we had the lovely opportunity to meet and chat with Marco Conde, founder and CEO of Motoreto, a successful startup from Madrid, Spain. 

Motoreto simplifies the relationship between car dealers and buyers. In the platform, the buyer can access new and used cars on an "a la carte menu", making easy and smooth the buying process and cutting out the middleman. Motoreto is available in Spain and rapidly expanding.

We are fond of getting to know how a startup made it to COREangels, and we all at COREangels are ever so delighted to hear how much impact the involvement of COREangels fund's leaders has on the startups.

We sat at one of the tables near the food trucks between the pavilions, and Marco commented: "My relationship with COREangels is, honestly, excellent. I think the best way to define it is "real smart capital". it is not only financial support we get but also all the things CEOs or founders need."  

He continued: "In our case, Motoreto can count on both COREangels Barcelona and COREangels Madrid, and they are always open to listening to our issues and help. So it is not just helping the fundraising stage, day-to-day mentoring. And as a founder, one of the things I value the most is being able to call my COREangels network for help."

For us, it is always fascinating to see how, within our network, startups start positioning in different markets. And we asked the CEO of Motoreto about this: "Thanks to the COREangels network, we moved from one network to another COREangels network. And that is helping us expand our landscape and motoreto's operations. First, we had COREangels Madrid, and then we are part of COREangels Barcelona, and this last one opened our doors to COREangels in Portugal, and that is how you see and feel the real networking effect that COREangels has." [...] "Which is super valuable, not just the funds investing in us, but also expansion and having a growth opportunity in all COREangels' regions."

He also explained to us what is the highlight of being part of COREangels: "The human factor is important. Many times in the relationship between investor-entrepreneur, the human factor is put aside. But here, the person is always first, not only with investors, but with the whole COREangels team. Which is super relevant and worth mentioning." 

Motoreto is in constant growth, and Marco let us know about  what is on the horizon for Motoreto: "If I had to choose one word, I would say 'opportunity'. We are always in touch with COREangels. So every time there is a need, the network offers help. For example, expanding to Chile. Chile is an interesting market to operate in. Other examples are expanding to Asia or the USA. We can always talk about our needs and visions, and COREangels generates business in these markets they have a presence in." 

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