COREangels night, a night to remember. 

This November, we were lucky enough to be part of one of the most awe-inspiring tech conferences for Investors and Startups. Yes, I am talking about Web Summit!

It is always so exciting to see so many people invested in change. And it is ever so cool to witness investors and entrepreneurs getting together and sharing disruptive innovative ideas.

Although we would be lying if we didn't tell you that the thing we enjoyed the most was COREangels Night, our Web summit side event. 

(left) Rui Falcao (COREangels Lisbon), Francisco Dowsley (COREangels EduTech) and Pedro Bandeira (COREangels International). photo courtesy of COREangels Atlantic

We at COREangels are a family, and, believe it or not, most of us hadn't met face-to-face until COREangels Night! 

So you can imagine how exhilarating it was for us to gather all of our international team, fund leaders, angel investors and entrepreneurs in one room in Lisbon - a restaurant this time - and share a wonderful evening full of exciting conversations about our goals and purpose.

Urs Rothmayr, leader of COREangels Barcelona fund. Photo courtesy of COREangels Atlantic

And most importantly, just getting to know each other on a personal level. Something we value, enjoy and want in our COREangels community!

We love the fact that we can work together from everywhere around the world, but it was so nice to see each other face to face!

Photo credit: Nuno Cavaco Henriques, angel of COREangels Lisbon