LUDA partners is a technology company aiming to digitize pharmacies. How does it work? 
Luis Martín and Daniel de Carvajal, are pharmacists who came up with this innovative concept. Pharmacies can register on LUDA partners' website, and from the moment they are registered in the platform, their parapharmacy products will be shown on different marketplaces, labs, and e-commerce websites for sale.

At the same time, pharmacies that work with LUDA can fight the lack of supplies, checking within LUDA's software where their customers can acquire said parapharmacy products.

And recently, LUDA has created its own marketplace inside Glovo, and soon enough, Uber. This way, customers can buy their parapharmacy products with just one click and get them delivered to their homes, simplifying lives and helping out pharmacies around the country to increase sales.

More than 10% of pharmacies in Spain are already part of LUDA and they expect to expand their business by 2023.

Of course, this service only works with parapharmacy products and never with products that require a prescription.



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