Caplena, a Swiss-based company that is making waves in the field of market research and customer feedback analysis is the new investment of COREangels Big Data & AI Europe. Founded by two visionary individuals, Maurice Gonzenbach and Pascal de Buren, Caplena is using the power of artificial intelligence to help enterprises better understand their customers by converting open-ended feedback into actionable insights.

The Genesis of Caplena

The journey of Caplena began with a significant achievement by co-founder Maurice Gonzenbach. He earned his master's degree in Computational Science & Engineering from ETH Zurich and furthered his expertise by winning the prestigious international SemEval Contest in 2016 with his Master thesis on sentiment classification. This accolade marked the inception of his exploration into the realm of Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Teaming up with Pascal de Buren, a Machine Learning Engineer with a specialization in Natural Language and Computer Vision, the two entrepreneurs recognized a crucial gap in the market research industry. Market Research firms, like Link and Success Drivers, were struggling with open-ended survey coding, a common challenge faced by enterprises dealing with customer feedback. Caplena's founders saw the need for a solution that could streamline the process of analyzing large volumes of free-text data.
Pascal de Buren and Maurice Gonzenbach, Co-founders of Caplena

In just four months, Maurice and Pascal developed the first prototype of Caplena. From there, the journey of Caplena took off rapidly, and since its establishment in the spring of 2017, the company has consistently doubled the number of text responses it processes every six months. With over 50 million verbatims processed to date, Caplena has expanded its services to companies in more than 15 countries.

Caplena's Remarkable Clientele

The success of Caplena speaks volumes about the value it brings to its clients. Serving a diverse range of businesses, from rapidly growing startups like Joyn to industry giants such as eBay and DHL, Caplena has achieved customer loyalty. The company's commitment to trust and innovation remains at the core of everything they do. Their mission is clear: to support any insight team that analyzes open-ended feedback, regardless of the type or volume of data.

COREangels Big Data & AI

But the success story doesn't end with Caplena. The startup's journey is intricately linked to the support it received from COREangels Big Data & AI Europe. This group of angel investors is dedicated to identifying and nurturing the most promising Big Data and AI startups in Switzerland and Europe.
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