The year 2024 promises exciting opportunities, especially in sectors like climate, agritech, foodtech, and blockchain. Technological convergences are on the rise, with AI merging with medtech, data science intertwining with agri-tech, and blockchain revolutionizing supply chains and food chains.
Amidst this dynamic environment, women entrepreneurs are making significant strides, contributing to the growth and success of startups globally. One such trailblazer is Laura Lozano, the CEO of Chargy, a startup backed by COREangels Madrid. Recently featured in an article by "Dinero&negocios" titled "Women Growing in the Risk Capital World," Laura Lozano has been making waves with her efforts towards fostering women entrepreneurship.
Her dedication is evident in initiatives like the Startup Women Awards, a groundbreaking investment event in Spain celebrating the achievements of women in entrepreneurship. Additionally, she established the Female Startup Leaders group in 2020, uniting innovative women founders of startups that speak Spanish, not only from Spain but also from Spanish-speaking countries.

One of Laura's remarkable achievements is her co-creation of Skirion Enterprises, an investment fund that casts a wide net across various sectors, including Tech, Health, Real Estate, Tourism, Aerospace, and Energy. The fund has garnered attention for its investments in startups such as PLD SPACE in the aerospace field, EnergySolarTech in renewable energy, and Alterhome in home-renting management. Laura is also the driving force behind Chargy, a startup focused on designing and developing hardware solutions based on wireless technology and software in data analysis. Her leadership at Chargy exemplifies the fusion of innovation and technology, showcasing the potential for women to excel in traditionally male-dominated industries.
COREangels, under the visionary leadership of Cíntia Mano, has played a crucial role in empowering women entrepreneurs like Laura Lozano. The commitment to investing in startups in emerging sectors aligns perfectly with the forward-thinking approach needed to bridge the gender gap in the startup ecosystem. As the CEO of COREangels rightly points out, the investment landscape is witnessing a surge in the use of technology for analyzing opportunities, with the adoption of AI and data analysis. However, the journey ahead involves finding the delicate balance between technology and humanity in evaluating startups. This sentiment resonates with Laura Lozano's success story, where her leadership combines technological innovation with a human-centric approach.

Cintia Mano at the Web Summit 2023 Lisbon © Sérgio Lemos/ Jornal de Negócios

In 2024, we celebrate the achievements of women entrepreneurs like Laura Lozano and the visionary leadership of COREangels. As the gender gap in the startup ecosystem narrows, the collaboration between angel investors and innovative founders becomes crucial. These stories of success inspire us to look forward to a future where diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but fundamental pillars of the entrepreneurial landscape.