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What is COREangels?

COREangels is a network of people who are passionate about helping entrepreneurs launching innovative businesses by professionally investing as a business angel.

How do COREangels work?

COREangels has developed its own group investment model. All business angels in each group invest together in the portfolio. Business angels invest in a group managed by group leaders. Each group has its own investment thesis and autonomy in investing decisions. Group leaders are responsible for screening startups and taking them to the Investment Committee. New investments are approved democratically with the vote of the majority of business angels. Each business angel has 1 vote, regardless of the amount invested.

What is the relationship between COREangels International and each angel group?

COREangels is born glocal, sharing a global brand through vertical and geographical groups of business angels and promoting involvement and long-term commitment with the local ecosystem in each geography. Each angel group is an independent company. The group leaders are responsible for managing this company. COREangels International has an important role in the development of each group, preparing and training new group leaders and defining and guaranteeing governance standards. COREangels supports the leaders in attracting investors, business flow, startup evaluation, besides the benefits of being part of an international network. COREangels also provides branding, website, setup support, administrative support, documentation support, meetings and activities planning support, marketing support, and tools support (CRM, screening, reporting, financial analysis).

What are the benefits of being affiliated with COREangels as a global network?

COREangels supports the growth of professional angel groups and offers individual investors a hurdle less experience, maximizing outcome and diversifying investment while creating the context for them to involve, to contribute, to foster innovation, to self-develop, to network and to enjoy the journey.

How can I apply for COREangels funding? 

COREangels uses gust.com as a tool for screening the startups. Please, register on Gust and then go to the page Fundraise, and select the Angels Group which thesis fits with your project. Go to the selected angel group's page and click "Apply Now". Follow the steps on Gust and the respective group will receive your application.

How does the application process work?

Apply via COREangels website => Application on Gust => Presentation meeting with Group Leader (if selected) => Pitching at Investment Committee with all the angels of the group (if selected) => Approval of the investment and due diligence (if selected).

Can I join the program if my company is not already incorporated?

Yes. In general, it is not necessary to have an established company, you must have a good team and a strategic plan in mind. However, the project must fit into the investment thesis of the selected angel group.

Can I apply for funding in two angels groups?

Yes. If your strategy or market fits more than one angel group investment thesis, you can apply it to two different groups.

What is a business angel investor?

A business angel is an individual who provides financial and knowledge backing for small startups and entrepreneurs, typically in exchange for ownership equity in the company. Business angels could be known as angel investors.Business angel investors are widely recognized as the main contributors to innovation financing as they give fuel to entrepreneurial startups, providing “smart money” to fulfill their potential. Startups are the primary job-creating engine of the economy, provoking strong local impact, fixing and promoting new talent, improving people’s lives, and adding strong value to society.Although other types of investors exist, business angel investors have assumed a special role in entrepreneurship since they invest in very early-stage startups where high-risk investment profiles are required. Angels distinguish themselves from other investors as they invest their own money, not the money of others, like venture capital funds.They are involved with the startups they invest in with the purpose to add value, share their expertise and entrepreneurial empathy. Angels usually see themselves as co-creators and co-founders of the startups. In their essence, the purpose of angel investing is value co-creation.

How do I become a COREangel investor?

To be a COREangels investor you need to join a COREangels Group. In COREangels, you can find groups with different investment theses. You can peek at them on our website. Go to the Investment Options page and select the angel group which thesis fits your profile. The group leader will contact you to find out if there is a fit. If it happens, it will be nice to welcome you!

Do I have to be an accredited investor to join COREangels?

Yes, the members need to be accredited to join COREangels.

How does COREangels select the invested startups?

Each angel group has its own deal-flow and investment committee to decide which startups to invest. The group leader manages the applicant startups and selects the best for the investment committee.

What is the expected duration and return for the angel investment?

Angel investment is a long-term investment. The return on a startup investment can come in a few months or several years. The average return on investment in a startup is 7 years. A group's life cycle should take place over 10 years.

How should I decide the best group fit? 

There are groups with geographical or vertical investment theses. You can select the geographic thesis that adapts to your location or the vertical thesis that adapts to your skills and interests. Go to the Angels Groups page and get to know the investment theses.

Can I mentor invested startups?

Yes. All Business Angels can mentor invested startups. Each startup has an Archangel. The archangel is a business angel who has a close relationship with a particular startup of the portfolio and helps them with their challenges.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

Each Angel Group has its own investment policy. The initial investment indicated is between 15.000 to 50.000 Euros.

Can I attend a COREangels meeting as a guest?

Yes. First, select a Group of Angels that the thesis fits your profile. Click on "Join us". The group leader will contact you to provide more information and invite you to the next meeting of the angels' group.

What are the basic roles of a group leader?

COREangels groups generally have two roles of leadership: startups' leader and investors' leader. The startups' leader searches for good opportunities of investment in startups, negotiates terms of investment and promotes the investment committees. The investors' leader is responsible for attracting and managing the relationship with the business angels. Both work to promote a great experience, guaranteeing the involvement of business angels with startups and supporting the portfolio. 

What does it take to lead a new group?

The startups' leader likes to be connected to the local ecosystem, enjoying talking to startups, taking part in related conferences and is motivated by contributing to entrepreneurship. 
The investors' leader is someone who has already invested in startups and is willing to support others in the journey of group angel investment. This means also listening to angels expectations and contributing to enhance their experience.

How much time does it take to prepare for the opening of a new group of angels?

We estimate 3 months as the maximum time to open a new group. We prepared a program in which the leader is guided through all the needed steps to set the group in this time.

Is there any specific training for new leaders?

Yes. Our program supports leaders from the planning of a group until its start. It is not exactly a course, but a set of assignments and deliverables that build the blocks for the group foundation. Once the group is started, many other contents and support will come, in different formats.

Do I need to have an investment thesis prepared?

One of the assignments is to plan an investment thesis. You don’t need to have it right now, but it is something that you will have to prepare in the very beginning. The investment thesis might change along the way, as you start to discuss your idea with COREangels Head Office, or with the actors of your local ecosystem.

What is the support provided by COREangels International?

COREangels Head Office will provide support to its groups in several areas, namely:
• Administrative support
• Financial analysis support
• Reporting
• Attracting investors
• Business flow
• Startups evaluation
• Events organization, meetings and activities planning support.
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