COREangels Climate is more than just a group of angel investors. It's a hub for driving climate tech innovation in the southern European region. Their commitment to establishing a pioneering climate tech ecosystem in Italy is already bearing fruit. By co-creating initiatives like IT'S CLIMATE, they are creating a space for talented Italian founders and investors to come together and work towards innovative solutions for climate change.
The recent IT'S CLIMATE event, held on October 11, 2023, an invite-only meetup served as a collaborative platform where founders and investors connected, shared insights, and explored cutting-edge solutions in the climate tech sector is the kind of dedication that creates a sense of community and collaboration, essential for tackling climate change effectively.
Discussions among Climate tech startups and investors during ITS CLIMATE event.

Investing in Climate Tech Startups

COREangels Climate doesn't just talk the talk; they walk the walk by investing in early-stage startups that are contributing to the fight against climate change. One such startup that they've co-invested in is WSense.
WSense, an Italian deep-tech company, is on a mission to revolutionize underwater monitoring and communication systems. The company, which began its journey at the University of Sapienza in Rome, has developed innovative technologies that have paved the way for the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT). Their underwater network technology has garnered attention for its reliability and performance, enabled by a combination of acoustic communication and optical LED technologies.
WSense's devices are packed with sensors, measuring crucial parameters like temperature, salinity, and methane, making them indispensable for real-time monitoring of underwater environments. Their technology has applications in various sectors, from aquaculture to environmental research and even enhancing the diving experience.

The deployment of Wsense sensors at sea in Norway. © la Repubblica

The Ocean's Potential

WSense's  technology has not gone unnoticed. They recently raised €9 million in funding, spearheaded by SWEN Blue Ocean, with participation from several other investors, including COREangels Climate. This substantial investment will fuel WSense's international expansion, allowing them to reach new horizons and create an even more significant impact on our planet.
The applications of WSense's technology are diverse, ranging from critical infrastructure monitoring to real-time environmental data collection. This is not just about innovation; it's about leveraging technology to protect our oceans and combat climate change. WSense is playing a crucial role in unlocking the ocean's untapped potential, and COREangels Climate is right there with them, supporting their mission.

Looking to the Future

COREangels Climate and startups like WSense are defining the standard for the Internet of Underwater Things and climate tech innovation. Their efforts extend beyond investment; they are paving the way for a more sustainable future, where technology is harnessed to protect our planet.
As Federico Giannetti, Leader of COREangels Climate, rightfully points out, there's an urgency to apply these solutions. Ignoring the state of our oceans and climate change is not an option. The dedication of angel funds like COREangels Climate and pioneering startups like WSense remind us that we must act today because it may be too late tomorrow.

Federico Giannetti, Managing Partner at COREangels Climate, during ITS CLIMATE event.
The impact of COREangels Climate and startups like WSense is not limited to Italy or Southern Europe; it's a global effort to combat climate change and protect our planet. With every investment and initiative, they move one step closer to creating a greener and more sustainable future for us all.