In the world of startup investments, the spotlight is now on Vurdere as it takes a significant leap forward in its journey. The company has recently announced a strategic expansion through partnerships with three notable e-commerce companies: ZZ'Mall by Arezzo&Co, Drogasil, and Xtratus Endurance Fluids. This milestone not only marks a turning point for Vurdere but also represents an exciting opportunity for angel investors seeking to support promising ventures in the Brazilian market.

What Does Vurdere do?

Vurdere, a startup invested in by COREangels Atlantic, is making waves with its unique approach to empower online stores. The company's mission is to provide a platform that allows brand advocates to establish communities on each product page. In a world where customer engagement and connection are paramount, Vurdere's concept aligns perfectly with the evolving demands of e-commerce.

Partnering for Success

ZZ'Mall by Arezzo&Co
With a rich history dating back to 1972, Arezzo&Co has become the largest fashion and lifestyle group in Brazil. The merger of Arezzo and Schutz in 2007 paved the way for a diverse portfolio of brands and millions of customers across the country. The collaboration with ZZ'Mall signifies Vurdere's commitment to enhancing customer engagement and community building within the e-commerce realm.

Born in the heart of São Paulo in 1935, Drogasil's journey began with the merger of small family-owned pharmacy groups. Over the years, Drogasil's focus on excellent customer service and building trust has led it to become a significant player in the pharmaceutical retail sector. The partnership with Drogasil underlines Vurdere's intent to revolutionize customer interactions even within industries beyond fashion.

Xtratus Endurance Fluids
Xtratus Endurance Fluids is carving a niche in the sports performance arena by offering clean label and natural supplements. This partnership demonstrates Vurdere's versatility in catering to different market segments and its aspiration to enhance the connection between brands and their dedicated audiences.

COREangels Atlantic's Vital Role and Focus

Vurdere's expansion is backed by COREangels Atlantic, a key player in the startup investment landscape in Brazil and Europe. COREangels Atlantic's primary focus is supporting Brazilian companies that harbor ambitions of expanding into the European market. The investment criteria involve having a validated product in the Brazilian market, a track record of revenue generation, and adaptability to the European market.
The angel investors associated with COREangels Atlantic not only provide capital but also offer invaluable guidance and mentorship to these startups. The goal is to foster growth, fuel innovation, and facilitate international expansion, ultimately creating a win-win scenario for both the startups and the investors.

Vurdere's expansion through strategic partnerships with ZZ'Mall by Arezzo&Co, Drogasil, and Xtratus Endurance Fluids exemplifies its dedication to revolutionizing customer engagement in the e-commerce landscape. This move not only signifies Vurdere's growth but also reflects the potential of the Brazilian startup ecosystem. With COREangels Atlantic's support, these partnerships hold the promise of not only transforming businesses but also creating meaningful connections between brands and their communities.
As Vurdere takes its next steps, the angel investors behind this expansion are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of these startups on the international stage.