Words are powerful, but their true meaning often gets lost in the automatism of everyday language.

The word "education" lies at the heart of our mission as angel investors, in its deepest sense. For us, to educate goes far beyond the simple transmission of content and information, as its ultimate goal is to lead, guide, and nurture. "Educare" comes from Latin and means "to bring out the best in the student." In other words, the educational process is not just about filling students' minds with facts and formulas, but about helping them discover their passions, abilities, and unique potentialities.
On the other hand, the word "student," from Latin "alumnus," means "nurtured child" or "nourished child." Therefore, students are like seeds that, when given proper nourishment, blossom and reveal their talents and skills. Within this reasoning, the role of the teacher is of fundamental relevance. The term "teacher" (magister) represents the one who guides and leads forward. Teachers are those who, with dedication and passion, have the power to direct and nurture with knowledge and shape the next generation.
Education goes far beyond the school and the teachers. It's about creating an environment that fosters the holistic growth of students and building a genuine connection with them, understanding their needs and supporting their personal and academic development.
This perspective brings the need to innovate and seek approaches that value the individuality, creativity, and critical thinking of our students. It's an invitation to build an education that extends beyond the boundaries of the classroom, preparing them not only for the world but empowering them to shape and transform reality.

As angel investors in the field of education, at COREangels EduTech, we believe in this transformative vision.
We support visionary entrepreneurs and passionate educators who share this mission of reclaiming the true meaning of education. Together, we are building a bright future, empowering and inspiring the next generation of leaders and innovators.

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