For those with a keen eye on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups, COREangels Big Data & AI Europe, led by industry experts such as Dr. David Griesbach, Pascal Stämpfli, and Samira Courti, brings together a wealth of expertise in Lean Startup methodologies, investment analysis, and strategic communication.

Dr. Griesbach, a Lean Startup expert with over two decades of experience in management consulting, spearheads the group's efforts in identifying and nurturing the most promising startups in the Big Data & AI domain. His pioneering work in Lean Innovation serves as a cornerstone for the group's investment philosophy, ensuring a robust and forward-thinking approach to building a successful portfolio.

Located in Zurich, at the epicenter of Europe's AI revolution, COREangels Big Data & AI Europe is strategically positioned to tap into the rich talent pool and vibrant ecosystem that the region offers. With ETH Zurich ranking among the world's top universities and Switzerland boasting the third-highest AI research intensity globally, the stage is set for groundbreaking developments in artificial intelligence.

The Greater Zurich Area, home to seven out of ten globally leading AI companies, provides an unparalleled environment for startups to thrive. From Google's largest research operation outside the United States to IBM's pioneering work in AI, multinational giants have chosen Zurich as their hub for innovation. confluence of academic excellence, industry leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit makes Zurich the ideal launchpad for AI startups seeking to make their mark on the world stage.

Among the startups that COREangels Big Data & AI Europe has invested in, Jrny, Caplena, Tripartie, and NumberEight stand out as shining examples of innovation in action. Jrny's platform for fractional ownership in homes, Caplena's AI-powered customer insights solution, Tripartie's automated dispute resolution for marketplaces, and NumberEight's on-device mobile AI software exemplify the diverse applications of artificial intelligence across various industries.

In an effort to empower investors and entrepreneurs alike, COREangels Big Data & AI Europe participates in thought-provoking events such as the upcoming Business Angels Talks. The Lean Innovation Guide Workshop, led by Dr. David Griesbach, promises to demystify the process of making investment decisions using Lean Startup methodologies. By leveraging real-life startup examples and interactive discussions, participants gain invaluable insights into the intricate art of startup evaluation.

Lean Innovation Guide, A Proven Approach for Innovation Success

The ETH Student Project House has invited the group for the second time to the Investors Pitch.

David Griesbach and Pascal Stampfli during a 2023 ETH Investors Pitch © ETH Student Project House

As angel investors, mentors, and corporate executives, the opportunity to be part of COREangels Big Data & AI Europe's journey is not just an investment in startups—it's an investment in the future of AI innovation. By leveraging Zurich's unparalleled resources and expertise, COREangels Big Data & AI Europe is paving the way for the next generation of AI pioneers to reshape the world as we know it. The time to join the AI revolution is now, and COREangels Big Data & AI Europe is leading the charge.

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