One of COREangels Barcelona's standout portfolio companies, Acqustic, has been turning heads with its impressive achievements. This angel-backed startup is rewriting the rules of the music industry, taking Iñigo Quintero's song, "...Si No Estás," to unprecedented heights. This Spanish gem has not only become the most played song in Spain but has also cracked the prestigious TOP TEN list on the global stage.
When Acqustic took Iñigo Quintero under its wings, the song barely managed 1,000 plays a day. Fast forward, and the numbers have skyrocketed into the millions. It's a testament to the tireless work and dedication of the team at Acqustic and their unwavering support from COREangels Barcelona.

A Victory Worth Celebrating

The success of "…Si No Estás" by Iñigo Quintero has brought Acqustic in the same league as internationally renowned artists like Bad Bunny, Quevedo, Aitana in Spain, and Miley Cyrus on a global scale. Such remarkable feats do not go unnoticed. Even Mediaset España, one of the nation's leading TV channels, recognized this phenomenal achievement, and it's a testament to the transformative power of angel investment.

Iñigo Quintero © acqustic

Watch the Mediaset España coverage here.

The COREangels Barcelona Advantage

COREangels Barcelona is part of the wider COREangels network, and their investment thesis is clear: to identify and support early-stage Spanish startups in the pre-seed and seed stages. Their strategy revolves around sector and technology diversification as a means to mitigate risk. But what sets them apart is their unwavering focus on backing entrepreneurs with a proven product-market fit, high scalability, and a track record of upward traction. They prioritize innovation, business creation, and unique business models, making them the go-to choice for innovative startups in Spain.

A Guiding Light

At the helm of COREangels Barcelona is Urs Rothmayr, a luminary in the startup ecosystem. His relentless dedication to supporting entrepreneurs has established him as a prominent figure in the Barcelona startup community. Urs understands the journey and the challenges that early-stage startups face, making him an empathetic and effective leader.
With a wealth of experience, Urs Rothmayr actively participates in various phases of startup analysis, decision-making, and ongoing support. This hands-on approach ensures that startups in their portfolio receive not only financial backing but also the mentorship and guidance they need to thrive.

Urs Rothmayr and some of the investors of COREangels Barcelona group in an informal dinner.

COREangels Barcelona's mission is clear: to bring innovative investment opportunities to those motivated by groundbreaking technology, business creation, and differentiated business models. They've already begun to revolutionize the Spanish startup scene, and Acqustic's success is a shining example of what this dynamic angel group can achieve.
In the world of startups, success stories like Acqustic's serve as an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs and a testament to the crucial role of angel investors. COREangels Barcelona's dedication to supporting startups and Urs Rothmayr's visionary leadership make them a powerful force driving innovation in the Barcelona startup ecosystem. As we watch the startup landscape evolve, COREangels Barcelona's commitment to fostering innovation and transformation cannot be overlooked.