In the 12th episode of our "Business Angels Talks" webinar series, we had the honor of hosting Federico Giannetti, the leader of COREangels Climate fund. The session was a treasure of insights into the world of climate tech investments. In this blog post, we will recap the highlights of the webinar, shedding light on the key takeaways that can help angel investors thrive in this ever-evolving industry.


Federico set the stage by emphasizing the need to establish a clear definition of climate tech. Amidst various interchangeable terms, such as ESG, sustainability tech, and clean tech, it was crucial to understand that climate tech encompasses technologies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, addressing global warming, and combatting climate change. This definition extends to enabling technologies, including IoT services, which provide valuable data for understanding and tackling climate challenges.

The Urgency of Climate Tech Investments

A sobering image of rising global temperatures was presented, underscoring the critical point of no return we have reached. Federico highlighted the urgency of investing in climate tech, given its potential to mitigate CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. The massive funding required, estimated at $3 trillion to $6 trillion annually, presents a unique opportunity for angel investors to contribute to combating climate change and achieving net-zero targets.

Identifying Investment Opportunities

To make impactful investments in climate tech, it is crucial to identify sectors that contribute significantly to climate impacts. Energy, transportation, buildings, agriculture, forests, waste, and industry (including cement and chemical sectors) emerged as key areas requiring attention. By addressing these fundamental needs, angel investors can play a pivotal role in solving the complex challenges posed by climate change.

The Lucrative Future of Climate Tech Investments

Federico highlighted the tremendous opportunity for investors in the climate tech sector. With the influx of investments expected to lead to increased valuations, angel investors and venture capitalists can capitalize on this window of opportunity and anticipate profitable returns in the years to come. Although current lower valuations are temporary, they are expected to rebound as the climate tech market evolves.
From understanding the definition of climate tech to identifying investment opportunities and recognizing the potential returns, this session provided invaluable insights to guideour angel investors toward long-term success. By staying informed and seizing the timing, angel investors can shape a sustainable future while reaping the benefits of climate tech investments.

Watch the full webinar