Investing in Disruptive Solutions for Customer and Talent Engagement

In the world of angel investing, some individuals stand out as pioneers, contributing not only to their portfolios but also to their industry. Jorge Martínez-Arroyo, the Leader of COREangels EnterpriseTech, is one such figure, with a journey, fueled by passion for customer experience (CX) and entrepreneurship.

About COREangels EnterpriseTech

COREangels EnterpriseTech is a group of seasoned angels dedicated to early-stage startups in both Europe and the United States. What sets them apart is their focus on a unique investment thesis – the Total Experience. This approach is centered around identifying and supporting startups that offer disruptive solutions for customer engagement, acquisition, retention, and talent engagement.
Jorge Martínez-Arroyo, the founder of COREangels EnterpriseTech, boasts an impressive resume. He is a member of the IESE Business Angel Network and a graduate of the 2022 Angel Fund Launchpad program. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to found DEC (#1 Corporate CX/EX Association), where he served as president for nine years.
His extensive background also includes being the Director of Strategy & Transformation at Santander, where he further honed his skills in strategy and innovation. In 2019, Jorge graduated from the VCUnlocked program at Stanford, cementing his position as a thought leader in the world of angel investing.

The 10th International DEC Congress

This event brought together over 1,000 professionals, each dedicated to promoting the discipline of CX in their daily activities.

The lineup of speakers at the congress was nothing short of remarkable. It featured the likes of Nobel laureate Richard H. Thaler, renowned for his contributions to behavioral economics. The event had exceptional speakers who discussed the importance of understanding human behavior in delivering superior customer experiences.
During the event, Patricia Jiménez Morente, Vice President of DEC, took the opportunity to honor Jorge Martínez-Arroyo. As one of the founding partners of DEC and its president for nearly a decade, he was named the Honorary President of the DEC Association.

COREangels EnterpriseTech, Investing in the Future

COREangels EnterpriseTech's presence as a Platinum sponsor at the DEC Congress further demonstrates its commitment to nurturing startups that excel in the realm of customer experience. Their involvement in events like this shows their dedication to identifying and supporting game-changing companies that prioritize the customer journey.
Jorge Martínez-Arroyo's presentation at the 10th International DEC Congress focused on the disruption in the world of customer experience (CX) and how it's poised to impact industries, including customer experience itself. In the presentation, Jorge discussed various issues in the CX landscape and introduced innovative solutions that are changing the game.

The Disruption in Customer Experience

Jorge began by discussing disruption in the business world, explaining that disruption allows smaller companies with fewer assets to challenge and question the business models of larger, well-established corporations. He highlighted that various industries have experienced disruption, such as marketing, music, e-commerce, and more. However, he emphasized the need to understand where the CX industry stands in the disruption landscape.
Jorge pointed out that customer experience itself could undergo disruption, much like marketing did when digital marketing emerged. He highlighted the emergence of smaller companies capable of delivering superior customer experiences that could challenge well-established businesses.

Navigating the Disruption

The presentation shifted to a discussion of how to address disruption within an industry. Jorge introduced a matrix that helped distinguish what we know and don't know. It featured two axes, one for awareness and one for depth of knowledge. He explained that the goal is to work on what we know we know, acknowledge what we know we don't know, and understand the unknown unknowns.

He exemplified these four quadrants with real-world scenarios and experiences that individuals or industries might encounter. This matrix assists in guiding investments, assessing importance, and identifying necessary actions.

Introduction of COREangels EnterpriseTech

Jorge Martinez-Arroyo then introduced COREangels EnterpriseTech, an angel fund specializing in new technologies related to customer and employee experiences. He discussed how the fund aims to identify, observe, evaluate, and invest in disruptive solutions that focus on customer and talent acquisition, retention, and engagement.
He presented a few examples of small companies with disruptive capabilities, some of which the fund had invested in, while others were merely observed. These examples demonstrated the impact of innovative technologies on customer experience.

Addressing Industry Pain Points

Jorge concluded by acknowledging that the customer experience industry still faces numerous challenges and issues that need solving. He identified three specific pain points:

  • Excessive Surveys; Customers are often overwhelmed by frequent survey requests. Jorge highlighted the need for solutions that gather customer feedback without causing survey fatigue.
  • Cookie-Based Personalization; Cookie-based personalization often lacks accuracy, leading to irrelevant recommendations. Jorge showed technologies that provide more precise and frictionless personalization.
  • Employee Experience (EX); Employee experiences are often marred by software complexities and inefficiencies in the HR domain. He shared innovative solutions that can streamline the employee experience

Innovative Solutions for Customer and Employee Experience

Jorge introduced solutions that address these pain points and showed how they offer new, innovative ways to enhance the customer and employee experience. These technologies utilize AI, biometrics, and real-time data analysis to streamline operations and deliver more personalized, efficient, and satisfying experiences.
The presentation concluded by highlighting the potential for technology to create significant positive changes in the realms of customer and employee experience. As the landscape continues to evolve, companies that embrace these disruptive solutions will be better positioned to succeed in an ever-changing market.

Reshaping Both the Future of CX and Angel Investment

Jorge Martínez-Arroyo and COREangels EnterpriseTech are not just names in the world of angel investing; they are symbols of passion, innovation, and commitment to a brighter future. Jorge's journey from founding DEC to leading COREangels EnterpriseTech reflects the power of a vision driven by customer-centricity and entrepreneurial spirit. COREangels EnterpriseTech continues to lead the way in supporting startups that are set to transform the customer and talent experience, shaping the future of business.
If you're an entrepreneur looking for investment, or an investor passionate about disruptive solutions in customer and talent engagement, COREangels EnterpriseTech is a name to remember. As they say, the future belongs to those who invest in shaping it, and Jorge Martínez-Arroyo and his team are dedicated to doing just that.