Hello, fantastic COREangels community! We've got some exciting news to share about one of our global portfolio startups, Strong by Form. 🌿
Strong by Form, a Spanish bio-composite technology company, has just hit a home run in their seed funding round, securing an impressive $5.2 million in investments. This is a big win for the team and a significant milestone for COREangels Climate, who are among the proud backers of this innovative venture.

Meet the Visionary Founder

Strong by Form was founded by Andrés Mintik, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for sustainable technology. Andrés is no stranger to the world of innovation, and his journey has been nothing short of remarkable. He's a driving force behind Strong by Form's mission to reshape the construction industry by offering sustainable ultralight high-performance timber-based biocomposites. His dedication to eco-friendly alternatives is evident in the company's groundbreaking woodflow technology.
So, what's the buzz all about? Strong by Form is on a mission to reshape the construction industry by offering sustainable ultralight high-performance timber-based biocomposites. These materials are set to replace traditional heavyweights like concrete, steel, and aluminum. Imagine a world where we build with eco-friendly alternatives that reduce our carbon footprint—Strong by Form is making it a reality!

A Unique Blend of Innovation and Sustainability

What makes Strong by Form so unique is their woodflow technology. It allows them to create wood-based composites that are not only lightweight but also incredibly strong. For example, they've developed a lightweight slab prototype that can withstand a whopping 630 kg with just a 6.2 mm deflection—talk about impressive!
But that's not all; they've got some serious tech under the hood. Strong by Form integrates proprietary structural optimization software into their products, making them top-notch in terms of performance. They're all about efficiency and sustainability.
Strong by Form has its eyes set on various industries, with construction and automotive being their main focus. They're already collaborating with Deutsche Bahn and have a close partnership with the BMW Group. The potential for positive environmental impact here is enormous.

A Stellar Investor Lineup

The seed funding round was a hit, oversubscribed by more than 25 percent. Leading the pack is CMPC Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of CMPC—one of the world's largest pulp and paper producers. But the support doesn't stop there; COREangels Climate, alongside CiRi Ventures, MAIF Avenir Ventures, Teampact Ventures, Climate Insiders, Savia Ventures, Family Offices, and corporate venture capitals Symbia VC, FINSA, and VX Ventures, has played a significant role in fueling Strong by Form's journey.
Andrés Mintik, the Founder of Strong by Form, couldn't be more thrilled. He believes that their woodflow technology has the potential to make a massive impact across various industries, addressing climate change and sustainability challenges head-on.

COREangels Climate Leadership

COREangels Climate is led by passionate managing partners, Federico Giannetti and Michele Morabito. Their dedication to climate technology and the vision for a more sustainable future are driving the fund to make a real difference.

Michele Morabito and Federico Giannetti © COREangels

So, what's next? Strong by Form plans to use this investment to double in size and establish an industrial manufacturing facility. They'll also be expanding their R&D and product development capabilities—a fantastic journey awaits!

We can't wait to see what the future holds for Strong by Form and COREangels Climate. This is just the beginning of their incredible eco-friendly revolution. Stay tuned for more updates on how they're making the world a greener and more sustainable place for all of us.
Cheers to Strong by Form and the amazing COREangels Climate team for their continued dedication to a brighter, more eco-friendly future! 🌍💪 #ClimateTech #Sustainability #Innovation
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Source: tech.eu