COREangels Pacifics' Comunidad Feliz Shaves its Way to New Milestones  

In the world of startups, achieving milestones is not just a cause for celebration; it's a validation of hard work, dedication, and a vision brought to life. Comunidad Feliz, a company revolutionizing building and condominium management software, has recently hit several significant milestones, marking its journey with success and growth. Under the wing of COREangels Pacific, Comunidad Feliz has reached new heights, attracting significant investments and expanding its reach across Latin America.

David Peña, one of the founders of Comunidad Feliz, recently fulfilled a promise he made to the community. With joy and humor, he shaved his head in a celebratory video uploaded to LinkedIn. The reason? Comunidad Feliz reached a significant milestone of 5,000 active communities using their software. This achievement represents more than just a number and a dare; it symbolizes the trust of over 600,000 families who rely on Comunidad Feliz for their building and condominium management needs.


But wait! The celebration doesn't end there. Alongside this remarkable milestone, Comunidad Feliz announced another significant achievement: the securing of a financing line of over a million dollars with BTG Pactual, through its Venture Debt II fund. This financing not only speaks to the confidence investors have in Comunidad Feliz but also ensures that the founders' participation in the company remains strong. David Peña emphasized that choosing the right financing option was crucial for the company's future. Despite having multiple options, they opted for BTG Pactual due to its competitive commercial conditions. This decision reflects their commitment to maintaining control and direction over their company's growth.

With this recent investment, Comunidad Feliz plans to expand its offerings further. New functionalities and services are on the horizon, including innovations in the insurance vertical, access control through a partnership with ZKTeco, Artificial Intelligence integration, and real estate payment management. These developments are part of their ambitious goal to reach a billing of US$10 million by 2024.

COREangels Pacific, a prominent player in the startup investment landscape, has been a key supporter of Comunidad Feliz. Through their guidance and support, Comunidad Feliz has not only achieved its current milestones but is also well-positioned for future growth and success.

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