COREangels Pacific's Startup The Live Green Co.'s Latest Unveilings!

🌿 Greetings, fellow startup enthusiasts! Prepare to be astounded by the latest breakthrough from the forefront of food technology, brought to you by The Live Green Co. (TLGC), headquartered in the vibrant tech hub of Boston since 2022.

TLGC unveils not one, but two groundbreaking active functional ingredients (AFIs) developed through precision fermentation, heralding a new era in infant nutrition and gut health: introducing GreenTAGs and GutRevyv—two marvels of scientific ingenuity poised to redefine the landscape of dietary supplementation.

Let's start with GreenTAGs, a yeast-derived active ingredient that mirrors the nutritional profile of human breast milk fat, particularly the vital Triacylglycerols (OPO). This game-changing innovation bridges the nutritional gap between breast milk and formula feeding, offering infants essential nutrients crucial for their development. CEO and co-founder Sasikanth Chemalamudi elucidates on TLGC's pioneering technology, which prevents fat degradation and enhances overall fat production, ensuring quality, scalability, and commercial viability.

But that's not all! TLGC's GutRevyv Postbiotics emerges as a beacon of hope for gut health, crafted from in-house-developed postbiotic strains in a cost-efficient co-fermentation process. These strains yield more beneficial compounds than conventional solutions, offering a safer alternative to probiotics with standardized usage, enhanced stability, and prolonged shelf life. Dr. Kavish Kumar, Director of Precision Fermentation, attests to the high level of standardization, repeatability, and scalability achieved through TLGC's innovative approach.

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Harnessing the power of Charaka, a state-of-the-art technology and data science platform, TLGC pioneers plant-based alternatives to address concerns about environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation in ingredients production. With an extensive database encompassing plant species, proteins, genes, and microbial strains, Charaka empowers TLGC to explore over 10 million natural compounds, driving innovation in food and healthcare industries.

Fueling their mission for the greater good, TLGC received a significant investment from Malaysian pharmaceutical giant Duopharma Biotech Berhad, propelling the development of plant-powered pharmaceutical products and functional foods. As CEO Sasikanth Chemalamudi reaffirms, TLGC is committed to leveraging deep tech and science to promote health and immune systems, especially in the wake of the pandemic's emphasis on well-being.

🌱 Stay tuned for more transformative updates from the vanguard of food technology!

Source: Cultivated X