In the ever-evolving landscape of the startup ecosystem, success stories are always worth celebrating. One such triumph is that of TripYeah, a flight route itinerary optimizer, which was invested in by COREangels Pacific, a group of successful entrepreneurs from LATAM and Asia. This angel fund is committed to scaling early-stage Latin American startups in the Pacific "Ring of Fire" area, leveraging their vast experience and network as entrepreneurs and angel investors. The recent acquisition of TripYeah by Nezasa, a Switzerland-based SaaS company specializing in tour itinerary management, stands as a testament to the great potential that startups nurtured by COREangels Pacific possess. This blog post highlights the journey of TripYeah and the significance of angel groups as investment vehicles for startup founders.

TripYeah, founded with a vision to create the best and more affordable trip itineraries using optimization algorithms and artificial intelligence, quickly caught the attention of investors and travelers alike. This early-stage startup embarked on its journey in the competitive travel technology sector in Latin America. The breakthrough came in August 2022 when COREangels Pacific recognized the immense potential of TripYeah. With the invaluable mentorship and financial support from COREangels Pacific, TripYeah was able to focus on innovation and expansion.

Nezasa's Strategic Acquisition of TripYeah

Last fall, Switzerland-based Nezasa, a prominent player in the travel tech industry, acquired TripYeah. Nezasa offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that automates the planning, booking, and management of multi-stage tour itineraries. The acquisition was a significant milestone for both companies.

The Significance of COREangels Pacific's Mentorship and Investment

COREangels Pacific's investment in TripYeah has proven to be a strategic move, yielding exceptional results for all stakeholders involved. The success of TripYeah showcases the benefits of having seasoned entrepreneurs and angel investors supporting startups. By co-investing with accredited early-stage VCs, COREangels Pacific ensured that TripYeah had access to a robust network, expertise, and financial resources, enabling the startup to navigate the challenges of scaling in the fiercely competitive travel tech market.

Angel Funds as Powerful Investment Vehicles

Angel groups, such as COREangels Pacific, play a pivotal role in the startup ecosystem. Their commitment to nurturing early-stage ventures not only provides much-needed capital but also grants access to valuable mentorship and guidance. Startups supported by angel groups have the opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge and connections that can be transformative for their growth trajectory.
Startups seeking angel investment often face a tough decision when selecting the right investors. COREangels Pacific's success with TripYeah exemplifies why COREangels funds are an excellent choice for startup founders. As entrepreneurs who have already achieved notable success in their own ventures, the members of COREangels Pacific bring an unparalleled level of insight and understanding to the table. Their mentorship goes beyond just funding, as they actively contribute to shaping the growth and development of the startups they invest in.

Looking Ahead

Nezasa's recent investment of $4.7 million from a consortium of investors, including Alpana Ventures, Liquid Partners, Credit Suisse, and Zürcher Kantonalbank, signifies the company's ambition to expand its product offerings and global footprint. With the addition of TripYeah's flight route itinerary optimization technology, Nezasa aims to tackle one of the biggest unsolved challenges in travel technology: resolving disruptions during trips.

The acquisition of TripYeah by Nezasa is not just a success story for the two companies involved, but it also serves as a powerful validation of the potential that startups nurtured by angel investors can achieve.

COREangels Pacific's investment and mentorship in TripYeah have played a pivotal role in its growth and ultimate success. As we celebrate this milestone, it is essential to recognize the crucial role that angel groups play in driving innovation, fostering entrepreneurship, and shaping the future of the startup ecosystem.

Source: PhocusWire