Comunidad Feliz is a property management operating SaaS platform for condos and residential buildings. Based out of Chile, the name of this startup translates to Happy Community. It supports the financial and social management of buildings and condominiums. It currently has more than 2,000 clients throughout Latin America; mainly in Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador and Bolivia.

2021 was an extraordinary year for startups in Chile with Cornershop and NotCo gaining unicorn status as well as Betterfly in 2022.

Our angel investors at COREangels Pacific, have been supporting and mentoring the founders of Comunidad Feliz since 2022 when the fund decided to invest in this startup.

COREangels Pacific is composed of successful entrepreneurs, business angels and fund managers in LATAM and Asia, actively committed to scaling early-stage startups in the Pacific "Ring of Fire" area. They participate in bustling technologically-based ventures that will easily escalate within the region.

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