COREangels Madrid's startup IMU Biosciences Secures £11.5 Million in Series A Funding

Greetings, COREangels community! We've got some electrifying news buzzing in from the realm of biomedical innovation that's bound to make your heart race with excitement.

IMU Biosciences, the cutting-edge techbio company spearheading a revolution in immune-powered precision medicine, has just closed an impressive £11.5 million Series A financing round. Led by the visionary minds at COREangels Madrid, European tech VC Molten Ventures, and alongside the invaluable contributions of LifeX Ventures and other esteemed entities, this funding marks a monumental milestone in the journey of IMU Biosciences towards redefining the landscape of healthcare.

So, what's all the buzz about? IMU Biosciences couples deep, systems-level immune profiling with a proprietary AI platform to construct an unparalleled immune atlas spanning the entire spectrum of human health and disease - the groundbreaking CytAtlas™ platform, poised to reshape the future of translational research and clinical practice across a myriad of domains, from diagnostics to drug development and treatment response.

As we celebrate this momentous occasion, it's clear that IMU Biosciences is not just shaping the future of healthcare—it's rewriting the playbook altogether. According to Dr. Tom Hayday, CSO/Co-founder of IMU Biosciences, their technology “could fundamentally change how we approach patient stratification for advanced therapies, disease monitoring and diagnostics. We're talking about better patient outcomes, more effective therapies, and even cost reductions in healthcare over the long term."

The invaluable support of COREangels Madrid, whose backing has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in IMU Biosciences' journey to this milestone, has allowed them to supercharge their expansive roadmap, advancing the CytAtlas™ platform, fostering new partnerships, conducting cutting-edge research, and expanding their operations into the bustling hub of innovation in Boston/Cambridge, MA.

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Source: IMU