COREangels Madrid and Barcelona's startup Luda Partners Raises €12 Million Investment Round, Alongside Moira Capital!

From left to right: Luda Partners co-founders Marcos Alves, Luis Martín and Daniel de Carvajal © Expansión

Hello there, dear COREangels community! We've got some thrilling news regarding our COREangels Madrid and Barcelona startup, Luda Partners!
COREangels Madrid, Barcelona and Moira Capital just took the helm in a groundbreaking €12 million investment round in Luda Partners, the digital network of pharmacies revolutionizing healthcare accessibility across Spain. But what makes this investment truly remarkable? Let's dive in.
Founded in 2017 by Luis Martín and Daniel de Carvajal, Luda Partners has been on a mission to digitize and interconnect pharmacies nationwide, boasting a network of over 3,500 pharmacies operating in real-time. And with the addition of serial entrepreneur Marcos Alves, the mastermind behind successful startups like The Fork, the team's potential for impact has skyrocketed.
But this investment round isn't just about injecting capital into a promising venture. It's a testament to the power of community and collaboration, with the unwavering support of COREangels Madrid and COREangels Barcelona playing a pivotal role in Luda Partners' journey to this milestone.
Daniel de Carvajal, co-founder of Luda Partners, highlights the invaluable support of partners and investors like COREangels Madrid and COREangels Barcelona “We have successfully completed this investment for various reasons. The fundamental one is the quality of our partners, who have seen the work and metrics of the company. It is a fact that validates us and contributes a lot of added value to a company in which the shareholders are the pharmacists themselves."
So, what's next for Luda Partners? With this significant infusion of capital, the company is poised to fuel its expansion and development efforts, with a laser focus on advancing the digitalization of Spanish pharmacies to enhance medication accessibility for patients nationwide. This isn't just about revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry; it's about improving lives and making healthcare more efficient and accessible for all.
Stay tuned as we continue to follow Luda Partners' remarkable journey towards transforming the landscape of pharmacy operations and healthcare accessibility. The best is yet to come!
Source: Expansión