COREangels Founder Rui Falcão Advocates for African Entrepreneurship at EBAN Side Event

At the recent ChangeNOW conference, hosted by EBAN in collaboration with the AEDIBNET project and with the support of ABAN, the spotlight shone brightly on African entrepreneurship. Among the distinguished speakers was Rui Falcão, the founder of COREangels, who seized the opportunity to represent COREangels MEA and advocate for impactful investment strategies in the region.

The event, titled “African Diaspora Success Stories Meet Investors,” aimed to showcase success stories of African diaspora entrepreneurs, facilitate cross-border investments, and foster connections among entrepreneurs, SMEs, and investors from Africa and Europe. It provided a platform for insightful discussions, highlighting the immense potential of African innovation and investment.

One of the central themes that emerged during the event was the opportunity to address pressing challenges in Africa with tangible solutions through investment. Speakers emphasized the continent’s vast market potential, its status as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, and the remarkable diversity it offers, with over 40 different currencies and a multitude of languages.

Rui Falcão’s participation in the EBAN side event marked a significant milestone for COREangels MEA, highlighting its commitment to supporting African entrepreneurship and promoting cross-border partnerships. This commitment was further solidified by COREangels MEA's recent joining of ABAN, demonstrating a collective effort to unlock Africa’s full potential.

COREangels MEA, led by Maha Mandour, plays a pivotal role in the MENA startup ecosystem. Comprising successful angel investors and entrepreneurs, the fund is dedicated to financing and mentoring early-stage startups. By bringing together experienced investors and entrepreneurs, the fund not only provides capital but also valuable guidance and expertise to startups.

In a recent article celebrating this new partnership, ABAN stated that “Through COREangels MEA's partnership with ABAN, the network aims to collaborate on co-investment opportunities with other angel investors and syndicates within the network. By pooling resources and expertise, we can maximize our impact and support the growth of startups in Africa”.