COREangels Barcelona's Startup Imageryst Raises 700.000€ In First Pre Seed Round

👋 Greeting startup enthusiasts and tech pioneers! We're thrilled to share some groundbreaking news straight from the heart of geospatial innovation that's sure to send ripples of excitement through your satellites!

Imageryst, the visionary startup hailing from the lush landscapes of Asturias, Spain, is propelling into new heights with the closing of its inaugural financing round, securing an impressive 700.000€ in funding. Led by a constellation of both national and international investors, including COREangels Barcelona, Imageryst is poised to revolutionize access to satellite data like never before.

Founded by the dynamic duo of Ángela del Carmen and José Crespo, Imageryst stands at the forefront of democratizing geospatial insights, empowering users of all backgrounds to harness the power of satellite imagery with ease. Their innovative SaaS platform extracts invaluable geospatial intelligence, illuminating specific elements within any given area — from buildings to roads, plots, and verdant vegetation — all through an intuitive interface and a robust API.

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But that's not all! Imageryst is blazing trails with applications ranging from electrical network monitoring to risk mitigation, solar panel installation, and wind farm maintenance. Noteworthy clients such as Iberdrola and pioneering technology firms like Solum are already reaping the benefits of Imageryst's cutting-edge solutions.

With this infusion of capital, Imageryst is primed to expand its footprint in the domestic market while setting its sights on international expansion and exploring novel use cases in diverse industries. Ángela del Carmen, Imageryst's Co-founder and CEO, expressed profound gratitude for the unwavering support of investors, clients, and partners, underscoring the dedication of Imageryst's growing team. José Crespo, Co-founder and CTO, emphasized Imageryst's mission to streamline access to satellite information for decision-makers of all stripes, leveraging artificial intelligence and remote sensing to democratize geospatial data like never before.

🎉 Join us in celebrating Imageryst's ascent to new heights, where the skies are no longer the limit, but merely the beginning of a thrilling journey towards a more connected and informed world!

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Source: El Referente