Date: May 19, 2023

Location: Seventy Hotel, Núñez i Navarro Hotels Group, Barcelona

Last Friday, an electric atmosphere filled the air as entrepreneurs, investors, and key players in the startup ecosystem gathered at the Seventy Hotel in Barcelona. The occasion marked the highly anticipated Get-Together III, a celebration of innovation and collaboration, hosted by a prominent group of business angels in Spain, our very own COREangels Barcelona.

COREangels Barcelona Investors and Founders of Startups at Get Together III ©Urs Rothmayr

The event showcased the vibrant portfolio of startups supported by the business angels group, as well as welcomed esteemed startup investors who shared their valuable insights. Among the distinguished attendees were Antonio Jesus Lopez Martos of Vyootrip, Sergio Gallastegui Herrero of Code Contract, and Aldebarán Bermell-Scorcia Armendáriz of Emendu. Also in attendance were César Martín of, Marco Conde of Motoreto, Daniel de Carvajal of LUDA Partners, Fernando Bozalongo Yagüe of HUNTY, Irene Chía Parra of CazaTuPlaza, Nacho Tejero Mancho of Webel, and Valentín Izquierdo of Hamelyn, all representing Madrid. Gerard Garcia Esteve of Deale, Esteve Lombarte Lladó of Acqustic, and Michael Erd Gómez of Enso Co-living, played hosts as representatives of the local startups.

Vyootrip, based in Seville, is revolutionizing the travel industry by providing innovative solutions that enhance the travel experience for individuals and businesses alike.

Vyootrip, based in Seville, is revolutionizing the travel industry by providing innovative solutions that enhance the travel experience for individuals and businesses alike.

Code Contract: Code Contract, hailing from Bilbao, offers a cutting-edge platform that streamlines contract management processes, enabling businesses to automate and optimize their legal operations.

Emendu: Emendu, originating from Valencia, is a dynamic startup focused on developing technology-driven solutions to improve communication and collaboration within the education sector., based in Madrid, is a forward-thinking company that specializes in creating AI-powered chatbots and conversational interfaces to enhance customer engagement and support for businesses.

Motoreto, backed by also COREangels Madrid and COREangels Lisbon, founded by Marco Conde, is a disruptive platform that facilitates the buying and selling of pre-owned vehicles, utilizing advanced technology and data analytics to ensure transparency and efficiency in the process.

LUDA Partners, is the digital network of pharmacies that facilitates communication between them to locate out-of-stock medicines. Their platform connects pharmacies, allowing them to efficiently share information and resources, ensuring that patients have access to the medications they need when faced with stock shortages.

HUNTY, an exciting startup from Madrid, is making waves in the job market with its platform that connects talented professionals with top-notch job opportunities, facilitating meaningful career matches.

CazaTuPlaza, based in Madrid, is revolutionizing the real estate industry by offering a comprehensive online platform that simplifies and streamlines the process of finding and renting properties.

Webel, also representing Madrid, is a dynamic startup specializing in web development and digital marketing solutions, assisting businesses in establishing a strong online presence and driving growth.

The event offered a unique platform for entrepreneurs to share their progress, aspirations, and challenges while seeking guidance and support from the experienced investors in attendance. The networking opportunities were invaluable, fostering connections and facilitating the exchange of contacts, advice, and strategies among the participants.

The presence of Adrian Escabias, representing Aticco Ventures, added further prestige to the event. As a prominent co-investor and key player in the local and national entrepreneurial ecosystem, Escabias brought extensive knowledge and expertise to the gathering.

Adrian Escabias, Aticco Ventures

The 3rd Get-Together of COREangels Barcelona served as a catalyst for the startups to enhance their growth trajectories. The insights, contacts, and advice shared by the investors were instrumental in providing added value to the entrepreneurs. Discussions revolved around funding rounds, expanding client and collaborator bases, and seeking guidance on crucial decision-making processes.

Urs Rothmayr, the leader of COReangels Barcelona, played a pivotal role in making Get Together III a success. With his wealth of experience in the startup ecosystem and his relentless dedication to supporting entrepreneurs, Urs has established himself as a prominent figure in the Barcelona startup community. As a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship and collaboration, he has been instrumental in fostering an environment where innovative ideas flourish and partnerships thrive. Urs's strategic insights and keen business acumen have helped numerous startups in their journey towards growth and success. His leadership and guidance have made COReangels Barcelona a go-to destination for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking investment and mentorship. His commitment to empowering startups and his unwavering support for the entrepreneurial community make him an invaluable asset to COReangels Barcelona and the gloabl COREangels Community.

Urs Rothmayr, leader of COReangels Barcelona

The event concluded on a note of optimism, with attendees expressing gratitude for the opportunity to connect, learn, and collaborate. It was evident that the III Get-Together had set the stage for a bright future for these startups, enabling them to forge ahead confidently in their respective journeys.

About COREangels Barcelona

One of many COREangels funds around the world, COREangels Barcelona's investment thesis centers around early-stage Spanish startups in the pre-seed and seed stages. They employ sector and technology diversification as a risk mitigation strategy. Their primary focus is on teams of experienced, committed, and ambitious entrepreneurs who are driving innovative projects with high scalability, proven product-market fit, and a track record of upward traction. The team at COReangels Barcelona approaches their activities with rigor, integrity, and transparency as core values. Their overarching objective is to bring investment opportunities in the most disruptive technology sectors to investors motivated by innovation, business creation, and differentiated business models. With a rigorous project pre-selection process, the partners actively participate in various phases of analysis, decision-making regarding participation in different funding rounds, and providing ongoing support for the growth of the startups they invest in.