COREangels Atlantic's Palqee´s Web Summit Rio Experience!

Part of Palqee's team (including Palqee CEO Sabrina Palme down the middle) and COREangels Atlantic Startup Leader Lucas Oliveira (on the far right)

Coreangels Atlantic's startup Palqee, a leading innovator in AI technology, made waves at the second edition of Web Summit Rio, leaving an indelible mark on attendees with their insightful presentations and thought-provoking discussions. From engaging with industry leaders to unveiling their cutting-edge AI solutions, Palqee showcased its commitment to driving innovation and fostering collaboration within the tech ecosystem.

The startups' participation peaked with Palqee’s CEO, Sabrina Palme, as she took center stage during a press conference on the future of AI, where she addressed an intriguing question about potential psychological-like damage on Advanced General Intelligence (AGI). Her response shed light on the importance of monitoring and maintaining AI systems over time, particularly in highly regulated industries, to ensure reliability and prevent distortion of outputs.

Palqee CEO Sabrina Palme

Palqee’s presence extended beyond the press conference, as they shared their proprietary technology, Palqee PAM (AI contextual bias detection for enterprises), on stage. The audience was captivated by the potential of this groundbreaking technology and posed intriguing questions, reflecting the growing interest and importance of AI ethics and compliance in today’s digital landscape.

One of the key takeaways from Palqee’s engagements was the emphasis on Explainable AI (XAI) and its role in meeting the evolving regulatory requirements. As the industry moves towards greater transparency and accountability, Palqee remains at the forefront, offering solutions that enable organizations to understand and explain the decisions made by AI systems.

As the curtains closed on Web Summit Rio 2024, Palqee continues to lead the charge in shaping the next era of AI technology, one conference at a time!