Cerby's Impact at Okta’s Cyber and Digital Identity Capitol Hill Day

During Okta’s inaugural Cyber and Digital Identity Capitol Hill Day, Cerby, represented by Chief Trust Officer Matthew Chiodi, made waves with its innovative approach and strategic insights. 

Cerby’s presence at the event signaled its commitment to addressing critical cybersecurity challenges. Through strategic engagements with senior staff from key congressional committees, Cerby effectively conveyed its mission and showcased its solutions for enhancing digital security.

One of the focal points of Cerby’s discussions revolved around the importance of establishing trust and security in digital identity systems. By emphasizing the need for robust identity solutions, Cerby contributed to conversations aimed at bolstering confidence in government institutions and mitigating risks associated with identity theft and fraud.

Cerby´s Chief Trust Officer Matthew Chiodi

As discussions turned to the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI), Cerby advocated for responsible and ethical practices. By highlighting the significance of standardized procedures and regulatory compliance, Cerby demonstrated its commitment to harnessing AI’s potential while ensuring ethical guidelines are upheld.

Cerby underscored the critical importance of integrating security measures into the development process of applications. By prioritizing security alongside user experience, Cerby emphasized the need to mitigate vulnerabilities and protect user data, thus fostering trust and confidence among consumers.

Cerby played a pivotal role in advocating for technology adoption within government agencies. By promoting public-private partnerships and innovative cybersecurity solutions, Cerby aimed to modernize government infrastructure and enhance cybersecurity defenses, ultimately contributing to a safer digital environment.

Leaders from various areas linked to the cybersecurity industry attended the event

Cerby’s active participation in Okta’s Cyber and Digital Identity Capitol Hill Day showcased its leadership and commitment to driving cybersecurity innovation. By addressing key themes such as digital identity, responsible AI deployment, application security, and technology adoption in government, Cerby reinforced its position as a trailblazer in the cybersecurity landscape.

Cerby, founded in 2020 by Belsasar Lepe, has evolved from its inception to serve a wide range of industries, including marketing, sales, product development, financial services, and healthcare applications. This expansion underscores the critical need for their services in sectors such as financial services, where nonstandard applications are prevalent. Click to learn more about them, including their most recent Series A funding round.

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