Hey there, fellow angels and entrepreneurial enthusiasts!
I’m absolutely buzzing to share the whirlwind of experiences, connections, and electric vibes we soaked up during our unforgettable time at Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon. Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through the highlights, laughter, and insightful moments that made this gathering of global innovators so special.

**Day 1: Team Building Extravaganza**

Kicking off our adventure with a tower-building showdown might sound like a plot twist from a sitcom, but let me tell you, spaghetti and determination were the secret ingredients. The competition got heated, but leave it to the Italian flair of Michele Morabito (COREangels Climate), Eufemia Scala (COREangels) and leadership of Rui Falcao (COREangels Lisbon) to craft the winning tower!

Being in a team and meeting face-to-face with Maha Mandour (COREangels MEA) and Paulo Marcelo (COREangels Lisbon) was a refreshing shift from our usual virtual collaborations.

**Lunch Break: Cultural Souvenirs and River Views**

Lunch at Le Chat restaurant was more than a gastronomic delight—it was a cultural exchange fiesta!

Afterwards, Maha Mandour and Ahmed Essam, the leaders from our Middle East and Africa fund, wowed us with souvenirs straight from Egypt.

**Insights Straight from the Movers and Shakers**

João Barros took the stage, with is story of entrepreneurial highs and lows. His journey from startup founder to angel investor struck a chord with us all.

**COREangels Night**

Our fund leaders wowed the crowd with their impactful speeches.

Cintia Mano, CEO of COREangels

Web Summit week has always held a special place in my heart, fostering a sense of belonging to something bigger. However, being here at COREangels Night, I feel this much stronger. We are a community growing and evolving each year—all thanks to each and every one of you.” - Cintia Mano, CEO of COREangels

Terry Huang, Fund Leader of COREangels Health Equity and Mental Wellbeing

I believe that we must bring the entrepreneurial toolkit into public health and leverage talents across sectors to have the agility to respond to both persistent and emerging public health challenges. - Terry Huang

Maha Mandour, Fund Leader of COREangels MEA

At the core of our mission lies the pursuit of extraordinary talent, visionary ideas, and innovative startups. Our fund aims not only to generate financial returns but also to catalyze positive change within the industries and regions we engage with. I firmly believe that through COREangels, we can create a lasting impact that transcends mere financial success. - Maha Mandour, Fund Leader of COREangels MEA

It is all about the network. This is how we got in touch with COREangels and this is what the the groups provide as core value for their angels and the startups. - David Griesbach
Federico Giannetti, Fund Leader of COREangels Climate

From southern Europe, let's fight climate change together. - Federico Giannetti

Special shoutout to David Griesbach for gifting us his recently published book, the "Lean Innovation Guide"—a must read guide for entrepreneurs and investors who are in the world of innovation.

**Days 2-3: Web Summit Wonders**

As we delved deeper into the Web Summit, each passing day revealed more triumphs and moments of pride for our community.

Eufemia Escala, Ricardo Carvalho, Alexander Griekspoor, Federico Giannetti, Cintia Mano, Pedro Bandeira, Paulo Marcelo, Ela Zohrevandi, Michele Morabito
Pedro, our reliable jury member, played a pivotal role at Startup Portugal.

Pedro Bandeira, at the Startup Genome Ecosystem Leadership Forum, at The Sotto Mayor Palace in Lisbon, Portugal.

Our engagement spanned across diverse forums and discussions. From Terry Huang and Ahmed Essam participating in the Startup Genome Ecosystem Leadership Forum to Maurizio Calcopietro's role in the Internationalization Seminar, each interaction paved the way for collaborations and partnerships that transcend boundaries.
from right, Lucas Oliveira and Maurizio Calcopietro (COREangels Atlantic) © Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Luso-Brasileira
The Web Summit stages witnessed our leaders making impactful appearances. Urs Rothmayr represented COREangels Barcelona, sharing insights at the Barcelona Catalonia Networking Cocktail, while Cintia Mano took the stage at Apex Brasil booth, connecting continents through her profound insights on investments.

Cintia Mano presenting "Connecting continents through investments" at Apex Brasil

**Spotlight on Our Stellar Startups**

Our rockstar startups stole the show! ETHIACK bagged the prestigious "Most Promising Startup" title, validating our belief in their potential.

from right, Rui Falcao and Pedro Coutinho (COREangels Lisbon) and André Baptista (Ethiack)

With booths boasting innovation prowess, Enso Coliving, KnowCode, Kouo, Motoreto, TalentFY, and Vurdere shone like diamonds in the Web Summit rough.

Leandro Giglio and Daniel Pisano at Vurdere booth in the Web Summit 2023 © Daniel Pisano
Phew, reliving these moments gets me fired up all over again! The blend of leadership, learning, and celebrating innovation was an absolute thrill. COREangels showed up, showed out, and left an indelible mark on Web Summit 2023. Here’s to nurturing more groundbreaking ventures and building a community that thrives on innovation!
(left) Ela Zohrevandi, Olena Kleiner, Alexander Griekspoor, Pedro Bandeira, Paulo Marcelo, Cristina Vaz Tomé, Rui Falcao and Pedro Coutinho at COREangels Community Lunch at the Web Summit 2023
(left) Pedro Bandeira, Maha Mandour, David Griesbach, Eufemia Escala and Ela Zohrevandi at COREangels Community Lunch at the Web Summit 2023
(left back) Ricardo Carvalho, João de Oliveira, Vivien Lai, Alexander Griekspoor, Cintia Mano, Lucas Galvanini, Maurizio Calcopietro and Ela Zohrevandi, (left front) Eufemia Escala, Pedro Bandeira and Paulo Marcelo at the Web Summit 2023