Congratulations to COREangels Madrid for investing in Kibus Petcare! And congratulations Kibus Petcare for being named the best Spanish start-up of 2022 by Amazon Launchpad!

Kibus Petcare is an electronic device that prepares nutritious food for your dog in just one click. Kibus Petcare crafts different meals for each dog depending on their needs. All ingredients are natural, making sure dogs are getting the best source of vitamins and nutrients they can get.

COREangels Madrid is a fund based in Madrid, Spain. This fund invests in innovating start-ups in their early stage. COREangels Madrid is interested in finding great start-ups in innovative markets that share their values in sustainability.

Once again, we are ever so happy to see the results that mentorship gives to our COREangels community. And we are always welcoming new leaders interested in making a difference and open to share knowledge with other investors and start-ups.

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Founders of Kibus Petcare: Marta Arisa, Albert Icart Martori, Albert Homs Basas

COREangels Madrid's leaders: Guillermo Soto and Alejandro Soto