We are so excited to see some of the leaders of our funds Maurizio Calcopietro -COREangels Atlantic- and Terry Huang - COREangels Health Equity & Mental Wellbeing- meeting and sharing moments!

COREangels Atlantic is a cross-border fund focused on Brazilian start-ups that want to make their way and expand to Europe. 

Their portfolio has promising and exciting start-ups, such as Sizebay, KnowCode, Vurdere, QRPOINT, 99Hunters, Birthtech, and Palqee Technologies. And they are on the look for more!

COREangels Health Equity & Mental Wellbeing is a fund of early-stage investors dedicated to improving mental health, quality of life, and health equity.

We are happy to have a fund focused on this field, you can learn more about them here, and we look forward to their Business Angels Talks this September 14th. - You can register here -

We find leadership and partnership to be one of the most valuable assets in our funds. Leaders' purpose is to assist and help their funds find their way. 

How do they do it?   

Well, to start, the leaders share their knowledge and expertise as business angels with the rest of the angels in the fund from day one.

Leaders also organize networking events and investment committees with promising start-ups in their early-stage. The whole fund votes democratically for the start-ups of their liking, and the leaders take charge of the deal-flow management, negotiation and contracting of the start-ups, and the nourishing procedure of getting angels and funders involved in the process of co-working together for the growth of the start-ups. And last but not least, getting ready and planning possible exits.