We are ever so happy and excited to see our leaders gathering together and getting interested in each other. 

Cooperation and partnership between funds and leaders are essential in COREangels International. We know working together is how we learn, grow, and make assertive choices.

Last month Francisco Felipe M. Dowsley, leader of COREangels EduTech, and Maurizio Calcopietro, leader of COREangels Atlantic, met for dinner and had a wonderful time exchanging ideas and wisdom.

COREangels EduTech is a Brazilian and Portuguese fund focused on the educational sector, looking for Latin American start-ups seeking to expand in Europe, North America and Africa. Their objective is to create change, find solutions to education issues and generate social impact by giving back to the community. 

COREangels Atlantic is a cross-border fund based in Portugal investing in Brazilian start-ups already established in Brazil and looking for opportunities to expand to the rest of the world through Portugal. The fund's operating language is Portuguese, and its investors are from all around the globe.