We would like to thank every participant of this journey that made this expansion and cheer for the ambitious and visionary year to come. 

This is a quick look back to the highlights of 2021: 

In the first quarter COREangels… 

In January, we gathered all the COREangels International investors to discuss and share thoughts on the year’s future. Despite the limitations, due to the pandemic, we were able to network and share valuable moments.

In February, we kickstarted the Launch The CORE program! Aspirational angel investment group leaders joined the COREangels Group Leader program to learn and implement the know-how of experts to kickstart their angel investment journey. 

In March, we were able to level up the COREangels feedback platform and kickstarted the project COREangels Survey intending to provide the best experience to the community. 

In the second quarter…

COREangels International's Strategic Team Meeting

In April, after 12 weeks of preparation, learning, and implementation, the Launch The CORE program ended, and major angel groups emerged from this process.

In May, COREangels achieved one of the main milestones for the Angel Investment community. Rui Falcão, Co-founder and President of COREangels, defended his Ph.D. thesis on the Angel Investment realm. Over 1300 angel investors and entrepreneurs contributed to his work and magnified the impact on the development of this industry.

In June, it was wonderful to be able to celebrate the COREangels International Strategic Team meeting in person. After some challenging months, we safely met together as a team, celebrated our achievements, and planned our next steps in a fruitful in-person gathering.

In addition, the COREangels' workforce grew, and we incorporated Daniela Lopes as our internal Legal and Tax Manager. 

Then, in the third quarter of the year… 

In July, COREangels continued growing, and we were able to join Ela Zohrevandi in the Marketing team to ensure that the community was well taken care of at all times. 

In August, we continued working hard on all the upcoming setups to launch new groups. In the meantime, to increase the level of attention and support provided to the community, the COREangels Quality Assurance Program was initiated.

In September, COREangels launched the COREangels Platform: a one-stop shop for all the group leaders, angels, and founders to coordinate, manage, share and strategize actions at any level. 

Finally, in the fourth quarter…

In October, COREangels Pacific was live! The group that unites Asia and America in its growth and expansion was eager to support entrepreneurs and angel investors to increase their relationships in this area. 

But the month didn’t end with that win. COREangels International participated in an international event in Egypt as experts bringing even further the presence of our community. 

In November, another COREangels group was launched: COREangels Barcelona. The city of movement, innovation, and startup ecosystem could not miss a COREangels base. 

Furthermore, to the focus on celebrating the startup ecosystem, the Web Summit took place in Lisbon, heart and home to some of the COREangels International components, creating an exciting and inspirational scene from which we couldn’t miss the opportunity to share. 

And with that precedent, December came in and we celebrated the COREangels Day. The event took place online and was a special moment where Expert Talks, Startup Presentations, Networking games, and Future of COREangels & Angel Investing news were shared amongst the community.

Overall it was a year that prepared us to grow even more in the upcoming year 2022. We are excited for the new challenges and opportunities that we will be facing, and we are looking forward to continuing to reshape the future of angel investment.